The most effective method to See What Data Google Has on You (and Delete It)

How to See What Data Google Has on You (and Delete It)
How to See What Data Google Has on You (and Delete It)

How to See What Data Google Has on You (and Delete It)

Ever notice how Google consistently appears to know precisely the thing you’re searching for? It’s no coincidence. Google understands what you’re interested in, what you look for, where you go, and a whole lot more about what your identity is. How? Because of all the information you share.

There are a couple of organizations that individuals appear to have trust issues with. Google is one of them, and it’s no secret that the organization gathers a ton of information about you. Yet, exactly what amount does it have? Let’s check.

How to See Everything That Google Knows About You

Fortunately, Google has a focal center for viewing all of the data related to your account. A portion of this is data that you energetically gave, yet there’s some stuff that you may not think about. After we give it a look, we’ll tell you the best way to erase it.

To begin, open an internet browser, for example, Google Chrome, and go to

Then, explore to the “Data and Personalization” tab.

This long page is the place where you can see the entirety of your data. There are a couple of sections that you’ll need to explore. To begin with, look down to “Activity and Timeline.”

Here, you’ll discover shortcuts to two significant things:

My Activity: This is practically all that you do that is associated somehow or another to your Google account, which incorporates browsing history, Google searches, YouTube history, Google Assistant commands, location history, and so forth

Timeline: This is a devoted page for your location history showed on a map. You can change the dates to really explore your travels. Location history is assembled from Google Maps and other Google applications.

The “My Activity” page is the place where you will see your data in real-time. Click it to dive in.

The data is gathered in cards by service (, YouTube, and so forth) and is in generally sequential request. Select the three-dot menu icon toward the side of the card to see the full history or to delete the activity.

Returning to the “Data and Personalization” tab, how about we look at the “Things You Create and Do” section. Click “Go to Google Dashboard.”

This is a major rundown of all the Google applications and services that you use. Everyone can be expanded to uncover shortcuts to the data.

The Google Dashboard is the place where you can really dive in deep and see precisely how much information Google has on you.

How to Delete Your Google Data

After you perceive how much data Google has on you, the next thing you should do is erase it. We’ve already touched on this a bit in the section above.

From the “My Activity” page, you can delete pieces of your information that have been assembled by service. For instance, you could erase the entirety of your Google Search history from a particular day.

Erasing information like that can be somewhat monotonous, however. A superior arrangement is to have your information automatically erased after a specific timeframe.

At the top of the “My Activity” page, you’ll see “Web and App Activity,” “Location History,” and “YouTube History.” Click any of these to change how your information is tracked.

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