The most effective method to See What Data Facebook Has on You

How to See What Data Facebook Has on You
How to See What Data Facebook Has on You

How to see what data Facebook has on you

Facebook knows a lot about you. A portion of this data was given over when you signed up, however, there’s some stuff you probably won’t think about. We’ll tell you the best way to see and download it.

How to get your data

In average Facebook design, it’s easy to get this data, however just on the off chance that you know precisely where to look. That is the thing that I’m here for.

Your Facebook Information

To start with, you may be interested to see exactly how much information Facebook has on you. There’s the conspicuous stuff like your name, date of birth, relatives, etc, yet what else does it know?

To see, sign in to Facebook on an internet browser, similar to Google Chrome, on a computer. Click the arrow at the upper right, and afterward select “Settings and Privacy.”

Next, click “Settings.”

In the “Settings” sidebar, click “Your Facebook Information.”

You’ll see a couple of various territories to investigate. Snap “View” to the right of “Access Your Information.”

Here, you’ll see all your Facebook data coordinated into a few categories. Clicking any of these will reveal links so you can review everything.

Look down to the “Information About You” segment. This is the place where you can review the more personal data Facebook collects. Once more, click any category to extend it.

Download Your Information

After you’ve investigated the entirety of the data, you should download a duplicate of it for protection. This is a smart thought on the off chance that you intend to erase your record.

To do as such, go to Settings and Privacy > Settings > Your Facebook Information. Click “View” close to “Download Your Information.”

You’ll see all the categories we investigated above. Check the box next to the categories from which you need to download information.

Next, you can choose how far back you need to go. By default, it will download all the data beginning from when you first made your account. Click “All My Data” to adjust the date range.

Use the calendars to choose a beginning and end date, and afterward click “Ok.”

Next, pick the format where you need to save your downloaded data. HTML is simpler to see, yet JSON works better for importing to other services. Unfortunately, you can’t do this twice and save the information in both formates.

The last alternative is “Media Quality”; the higher the quality you pick, the bigger the download will be.

After you’ve made every one of your determinations, click “Create File” to begin creating the download.

You’ll see “A Copy of Your Information Is Being Created” notification. You may likewise get an email confirming this. Facebook will notify you when your data is prepared to download.

It’s as simple as that! Depending upon how much data you chose, it may take some time for the file to be created.

At the point when it’s prepared, you’ll be told to download the ZIP file. This file will incorporate folders with the entirety of your data. Some of it will be difficult to translate, yet things like photographs and videos are clear. At the point when you glance through it, you’ll see all that Facebook knows about you.

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