Google launches ‘Qibla Finder’ to determine Qibla’s direction

Google launches Qibla app
Google launches Qibla app

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Finding the correct Qibla in a new location for Salat is one of the key worries for Muslims around the world. Always, the accuracy of Qibla’s direction is of utmost importance.

Google’s Qibla Finder projects a line toward the Kaaba on an image displayed on a mobile device screen using the camera of a smartphone and location settings.

The Qibla in Mecca can be located using augmented reality thanks to a new program from Google.

The Qibla Finder app projects a line toward the Kaaba on the image displayed on a mobile device’s screen using the camera of a smartphone and location settings.

The Google service utilizes a digital compass and the phone’s and the Kaaba’s GPS coordinates to work out the shortest path between them.

The function, which the business described as the most recent in a series of application improvements assisting customers in marking Ramadan, would continue to be accessible after the holy month had ended.

All devices can access Qibla Finder.

Check it out here.

The Google Ramadan Hub website has more information on the service. The website has a link to the Qibla Finder

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