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Components of CorelDraw Environment

Components of CorelDraw Environment
Components of CorelDraw Environment

What is CorelDraw?

Vector graphics are created in graphics packages and comprise objects. Each object can be altered separately, implying that the shape, color, size, and position can be changed.

developed by Ottawa-based software company, Corel, CorelDraw, styled CorelDRAW, allows users to do things like add enhancements, for example, borders to pictures, notwithstanding taking into account contrast change, shading adjusting, and some.

One of the convenient highlights of the software is that it can likewise work with different layers and numerous pages.

Components of CorelDraw Environment

When we open  CorelDraw then we have found the following elements.

Standard Toolbar

The standard toolbar consists of the standard option icons just like save, copy, cut. You can also customize this Toolbar.

Property Bar

When we select any tools in CorelDraw then the property option related to this tool appears in this bar. This enables you to access commands that are specific to the current tool.

Tool Box

This Toolbar consists of many tools which provide different function in CorelDraw.


The Rulers show the height and width of the page and also help to create other objects on the Corel page.

Color Palette

The Corel Color Palette by default is located to the right of the work window is an easy and quick way to apply the color of any object.

Status Bar

Basically Status Bar always is used to give you the information in any application. In CorelDraw, it has the same feature and also tells about the cursor movements or symbol properties such as the fill or size.

Page Navigator

When we create multiple pages then page selector is used to moving between pages. We can also add the pages through this option.

Dockers Tabs

Dockers allow access to effects, styles, colors, and many other features of CorelDraw. They can be added or remove through the window menu.

Layouts in CorelDraw

In the CorelDraw Toolbox, there is a small triangle in the lower right corner of each tool button that displays the layouts. Layouts contain additional tools.  These layouts activated by pressing the left key and hold down on any tool button with the mouse.

The following are some layouts and their different Tools.

Shape Edit layout

Shape edit Layout holds Shape Edit, Knife, Smudge, Roughen, Free Transform and Virtual Segment Delete Tools.

Zoom Tool Layout

The zoom tool layout contains the zoom toll along with a hand Tool which is used for moving the drawing page around the display area.

Curve Layout

Curve Layout consists of the Bezier Tool, Artistic Media Tool, Dimension Tool, and Connector Tool.

Rectangle Tool Layout 

This Layout holds the Rectangle tool and the 3-point Rectangle Tool.

Object layout

This Layout contains Polygon Tool, Spiral Tool, and  Graph Paper Tool.

Interactive Fill layout

Interactive fill Layout consists of the Interactive Fountain Fill Tool and the Mesh Fill Tool.

interactive toll layout consists of Interactive Blend, Contour, Distortion, Drop Shadow, Envelope, Extrude, and Transparency Tools.

Eyedropper Tool Layout

Eyedropper toll layout Layout has an Eyedropper tool along with the paint bucket tool.

Outline Tool Layout

The outline tool layout displays options for changing line color, styles, weights, and ends.

Fill Tool Layout

Fill tool layout related to color filling. It contains fill color, styles, creating custom colors, and removing fills.


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What is CorelDraw?

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