Elements of Inpage Interface

Elements of Inpage Interface
Elements of Inpage Interface

Elements of Inpage Interface

The following are the elements of the INPAGE interface.

Title Bar:

The first bar of the Application is called the title bar which contains the Close, Maximize, minimize button on the right side on the very top of the interface, and on the left side of the title bar contain Command button and The Application Name with the user file name.

Menu Bar:

The second bar is called the menu bar which contains different menus and each menu contain different command which is used for creating and editing of the file.

The menu bar contains the following item:

File Menu

Edit Menu

View Menu

Format Menu

Insert Menu

Symbol Menu

Utilities Menu

Language Menu

Window Menu

Help Menu

Option Ribbon:

When we select any tools from Toolbar then the related option appears in the option Ribbon for example if we select Text Box Form toolBar Then The Text Box Formatting option appears in Option Ribbon.

Tools Bar:

On the very left side of the Inpage interface, a bar is called Tools Bar. Which contains different tools which are used in the Inpage application.


There are two Rulers in the Inpage interface. On is on the top of the working page and the other is on the left of the working page. These Rulers are used for measuring the page width and length.

Scroll Bar:

On the right and bottom of the page, two scroll bars are placed for moving the page up/down and left to right.

Status Bar:

This bar is placed at the very bottom of the page which displays the messages about user operation for example caps lock information etc.

Master Button:

At the bottom of the Inpage Interface and very left in the status bar a button with M caption, is placed for creating the master page.

Zoom Bar:

A zoom bar is used to page zoom in and out. This is placed at the bottom of the interface.

Language Button:

In a status bar on the very right and bottom of the page, a button is placed called the Language button which is used for changing the writing language URDU to ENGLISH and ENGLISH to URDU.

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