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How to Create a Transparent Gradient in CorelDRAW

How to Create a Transparent Gradient
How to Create a Transparent Gradient


How to Create a Transparent Gradient in CorelDRAW

The transparency tool can be an effective tool when looking to make some special effects. How about we investigate how we can add some dramatic color to a basic picture using a stransparent gradient.

For this guide, we’ll be using CorelPHOTO-PAINT, included in CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.

1. Open the Image

There are several different ways to open the picture. From the Welcome Screen, select Get Started and afterward click on the catch to Open Document, on the other hand, from File > Open.

2. Making an Object from the Image

In the Object Manager, right snap on the Background and select Duplicate. This will copy the background layer and change it to Object 1. Snap the “eye” to one side of object 1 so that it will be hidden. Presently we need to add a shading movement to the background layer so that when we add a transparent gradient to the Object, it will appear on the other side.

3. Modify the Background

Select the Background layer and afterward Adjust > Hue/Saturation/Lightness. Here, alter the Hue to 110, the Saturation to 0 and the Lightness to – 40. Turn on the visibility of Object 1 by clicking again on the “eye”.

4. Apply Gradient Transparency

Select the transparency tool in the toolbox, the easy route key is “1”. Left snap about the focal point of the picture and drag it to the upper right corner. Alter the anchor focuses to get the desired effect.

5. Next steps

Since you have applied the effect, you can save the document out or proceeding to alter your picture in different manners.

Thanks for reading! We hope you found this tutorial helpful and we would love to hear your feedback in the Comments section below. And show us what you’ve learned by sharing your photos and creative projects with us.

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