What are output Devices?

 What are Output Devices?

By output device, we can take the input data from computer

Output devices are used to get the final result from the computer. Firstly output is displayed on the monitor.

Then we can printout these outputs on a paper with the help of a printer. The purpose of the output devices is to translates is to Data and information from electrical impulses to human-readable format.

Some Example of “Output Devices”






The monitor is a basic output device and it gives a soft copy output. The monitor is also one of the important parts of the computer because without monitor system can’t work. So this is the standard “Output Device”.

It is also known as a screen, display, a video display or video screen.

. The monitor is a standard output device which provides visual output from a computer

. The first device monitor was used to view Display output generated by the computer on the screen

. A monitor is just like a television screen

. Monitors are of different types with different resolution, size, and characteristics

Types of monitor

CRT Monitor (Cathode Ray Tube) 

TFT Monitor (Thin Film Transistor)

LCD Monitor (liquid Crystal Display)

LED Monitor (Light Emitting Diode)



. User display output on screen but sometimes need output on paper

. It is possible with the help of a printer.

. Generally, a printer may be black and white but color printers are also available

It is also a basic output device used to print the output on the paper. The output on the paper is called hard copy output. Mainly there are three types of printers available in the market.

Types of printers

Dot Matrix Printer

Inkjet printer

Laser printer

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