What is a computer and what is it used for?

 Introduction to computer 

Abbreviation of Computer               

C: Common

O: Operating

M: Machine

P: Particularly

U: Used for

T: Technical/trade

E: Educational

R: Research.

A computer is a machine used for calculation.

The computer is taken from a Latin word compute which means to calculate.

A computer is a machine that accepts the input data process and present data.

Parts of computer

The computer is generally divided into two main parts

1 Hardware

2 Software

Hardware è

The physical components and devices of computers are known as hardware or

The physical body of the computerthat we can see and touch them is called hardware.

Example: keyboard, mouse, etc

Parts of hardware

A: Input device

B: Output device

A: input device by input device we can enter the data into thecomputer

Example: keyboard, mouse, joystick, mic, touch tablet,  hand-held scanner, flatbed scanner, microphone,

B: Output device by output    device we can take the

input data from thecomputer.

Example: printer, speaker, webcam, monitor, headphone,

What is software?

Software is a set of programs, which is designed to perform a well-defined function.

A program is a sequence of instructions written to solve a particular problem.


The entire program of the computerthat we can see but can’t touch them is called software.

Example: Windows, Microsoft office, etc.

Software is generally divided into two main parts.

1 System software

2 Application software  

  1 system software:

System Software is that software which controls our system e.g. windows, Linux,


2 Application software

Application software is used to perform specific applications or tasks of computer users.

Application software is that software which is developed according to the need of user by programmer  e.g. Microsoft office etc

What are the windows?

Windows is an operating system that operates all the hardware systems. Or a window is the way of communication between user and computer

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