What is Software?

What is Software?

Softwareis a set of instructions, that are specifically designed to perform a pre-defined function.

A program is a sequence of instructions written to solve a particular problem.


The entire program of the computer that we can see but can’t touch them is calledsoftware.

Example: Windows, Microsoft office, etc.

Softwareis generally divided into two main parts.

1 Systemsoftware

2 Applicationsoftware  

  1 systemsoftware:

The system softwareis a set of programs to control and manage the operations of computer hardware. It controls the usage and allocation of different hardware components. It enables application programs to execute properly. It controls the basic operations as follows.

Saving data on disk.

Making computer work for us.

Printing a document etc.

Examples of systemsoftware:

Some examples of systemsoftware are as follows.

Operating System.

Utility Programs.

Device Drivers.


System Softwareis that softwarewhich controls our system e.g. Windows, Linux,

2 Applicationsoftware

Application softwareis used to perform specific applications or tasks of computer users.

Some task is:

. Creating documents for any task.

. Manage employee records in any organization.

. Watching a movie on the computer system.

. Application softwareis two types:

1: General purpose applicationsoftware

2: Customized applicationsoftware

. General-purpose applicationsoftware:

. Word processor

. Presentation tools

. Spreadsheet management system

. Database management system

. Customized applicationsoftware:

. Inventory management system:

. school management system

. payroll system

. Hotel management:

What is the difference between system softwareand applicationsoftware

System software.Application software.
. It is a general-purpose software.. It is a specific purpose software.
. It is used to manage computer resources.. It is used to solve a particular problem.
. It executes all the time on the computer. It executes as and when required.
. The no. of system software is less than application software. The no. of application software is much more than system software.
. The system software is essential for a computer to work.. Application software is not essential for a computer to work.

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