How To Access GPT-4 For Free Immediately (chat gpt 4 free access)

How To Use GPT-4 For Free Right Now
How To Use GPT-4 For Free Right Now

In this article, you will learn about how to use chat gpt 4 for free step by step. So without much to do, let’s get started.

Several free programs are available online that you can use to access the GPT-4 model, albeit some of them have restrictions. Poe, for instance, only allows one GPT-4 message every day. Nat Friedman’s developed, the dashboard is fully free and (as of this writing) has no restrictions. The GPT 4 model!

Update: Up until March 31st, was the best free GPT-4 tester; it now costs at least $5.

At Ghost Together, an app, you can now use GPT-3.5 turbo for free.

(It is rumored that they will integrate GPT-4 as soon as they move up in the OpenAI API wait list.)

On March 31, 2023, switched to a $4 access fee. However, it continues to be the best and least expensive paid GPT (and all other ai models) option.

Can you currently use GPT-4 for free?

Yes. The steps below can be used to employ GPT-4 for free:

Open up your browser and go to

To register for a free account, provide your email address and genuine phone number (do not use free number applications).

You enter the verification code that was delivered to your phone.

Once on the Playground dashboard, select the GPT-4 model by checking the box in the right sidebar.

Fill out the text box with your GPT-4 prompt, then press the green Submit button.

(Sorry, there isn’t an image analysis feature yet. In fact, the majority of ChatGPT Plus accounts don’t even have it. A month or two from now, perhaps, image prompts will be implemented.)
This is currently the most effective method for obtaining free access to Chat GPT 4.

There is nothing to download, even though this is not precisely a GPT 4 free download. All you have to do is register for a free account and provide a valid phone number to confirm it.

(You won’t be able to register or log in if you use free mobile apps.) When you’re ready to use it, log in with your GPT 4 login, just like you would with ChatGPT Plus.

You can gain free access because several websites have adopted GPT 4, and at least one offers free unlimited prompts. The most effective one at the moment is, developed by Nat Friedman.

Yes, you are currently able to use GPT 4 without restriction or a Chat GPT Plus account. Nat Friedman made a dashboard at, which is one of the free GPT 4 online tools. To begin, click the below link: >>> Register for a free account at to use GPT-4 for free.

Here is a video that explains four other Chat GPT-4 substitutes:

Nat is paying for the GPT 4 API, but you may use it for free in exchange for a ton of traffic that goes tremendous his Discord channel. But hey, somebody has to make the payment, right?

You can currently operate as many AI chatbots as you’d like on the same dashboard, and access is currently unrestricted. However, I’m not sure how long this will last or if the dashboard will ever have more restrictions.

Nat may impose restrictions on the number of times you can perform GPT 4 model prompts due to the steadily increasing demand. However, you can use it entirely for free as of right now.

This narrative is still evolving! I’m keeping a careful eye on the many GPT-4-based apps that have been released, and I’ll update this post as necessary.

Bing and Poe are the other two free methods of using Chat GPT 4.

Although it’s not much, poe/gpt-f only provides one free GPT-4 message per day.

How To Use GPT-4 Freely (Using Poe Or Bing’s Chat)

You have a number of restricted access, free options. However, it’s still preferable to nothing, particularly if you continue to object to having to pay the $20 USD monthly fee for ChatGPT Plus.

The sidebar of the new Bing search engine from Microsoft offers GPT-4 results.

However, you can’t just type in the domain name of Bing; you must navigate to the new Chat tab.

However, only individuals who joined the new Bing’s waitlist have access to the Bing’s Chat tab.

In my experience, getting put on the waitlist was a quick process. So, it’s not a major issue.

Follow these steps to use Chat GPT 4 with the Bing search engine for free:

  • Visit the new Bing search engine from Microsoft at
  • By selecting the join option, you can sign up for the Bing waitlist.
  • Watch for your approval, which comes quickly.
  • After it has been accepted, go down the page and select an example of a search result.
  • Try to enter a search query using the Chat GPT-4 prompt format.
  • View additional GPT-4 prompt results in the sidebar.

Even if it’s a bit of a hassle, utilising GPT-4 for free is preferable to nothing, especially if you only want to test your inventiveness and aren’t concerned with complex capabilities.

With the multi-model Poe app, use ChatGPT 4 for free:

Visit the Quora Poe chatbot app website

Select GPT-4 from the menu, then enter your message.

There is a daily restriction of one free message for GPT-4 prompts.

Watching this video will probably help you learn the answer more quickly:

How Much Does Chat GPT-4’s Paid Version Cost?

Chat GPT-4’s premium edition costs $20 USD. However, there are a number of websites that have been developed using the Chat GPT API that can give you access to the same chatbot with the GPT-4 model for a lower cost, at a discount, or even for nothing.

The catch? Most of these apps typically use GPT-4 with restricted access as a hook to entice users to their premium plans. However, it’s sufficient to begin, or perhaps merely to view the outcomes of GPT-4 prompts.

How To Use GPT-4 For Free With The Bing Search Engine From Microsoft

The Bing search engine from Microsoft just received an upgrade. In the sidebar to the right of their search results, they added a GPT-4 prompt result that will cause a GPT-4 answer (exactly like the commercial version, but free). Whatever search term was typed into the Bing search engine will be mimicked by this popup.

switch to the new conversation mode in order to use GPT 4 with Bing.

Only those who have access to the new Bing can use the chat feature of Bing.

Although you can apply for the waitlist, access for me was immediate as I selected the apply button.

If you scroll down on the new Bing dashboard and click on any of the pre-made search inquiries, you will be sent to a page with additional GPT-4 prompt results in a sidebar.

To use the “Chat” mode of the Bing search engine to use GPT-4 for free:

  • Visit the Bing search engine from Microsoft.
  • Enter a search query using the Chat GPT-4 prompt format.
  • View additional GPT-4 prompt results in the sidebar.

How To Use GPT-4 Once A Day For Free With Poe

The Quora AI app Poe ( offers various models (Sage, GPT3, Dragonfly, Claude, and Claude+) on a single page.

Free usage of Chat GPT-4 on the Poe website:

Go to Poe’s homepage,

click GPT-4, and enter your message there.

Take note that there is a daily restriction of one free message for GPT-4 prompts.

Use GPT-4 With WriterSonic

GPT-4 API-based apps are currently being released in large numbers. To learn what they are, you might need to look around.

These websites offer GPT-4 quick access, typically for the same or a discounted price. Some offer free access to GPT-4, but usually with restrictions, such as the absence of prompts that can read an image’s content or a time limit on use.

WriterSonic is one of these applications. It’s especially useful if you intend to use GPT-4 to write and publish articles because its user interface is designed for doing so. The chatbot can then finish the article for you.

This is about how to use chat gpt 4 for free, and we hope you have learned something from this tutorial and share your opinion about this tutorial. What do you think about it, and if you think this tutorial will help some of your friends, do share it with them.


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