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The most effective method to Configure WiFi Router for VPN Connection

How to Configure WiFi Router for VPN Connection

Traditional computer networks use routers and wired connections to link the computers in a group. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) utilizes the Internet to interface a similar gathering of computers. In the event that you utilize a VPN related to your Wi-Fi remote web switch, it can give you similar advantages of a wired system association without the limitations of being fastened to a focal switch. With a VPN association, your system is as adaptable and convenient as your wireless Internet connection.


Open the Control Panel, at that point pick the “System and Sharing Center.”



Click “Set up a new connection or network.”


Click, “Use my Internet connection (VPN)”


Enter your IP address into the “Internet Address” bar.  You can likewise utilize your organization’s site address on the off chance that it can support a VPN connection.


Choose a “Destination Name”  with the goal that you can undoubtedly perceive your system when you need to utilize it later on. Snap “Next”


Set login data and passwords at that point click “Make” to build up your system. You can leave every one of these fields clear on the off chance that you feel good with a system that doesn’t require a password.

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