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The most effective method to Change a SingTel Network Key

How to Change a SingTel Network Key

SingTel is an Asian telecommunications company that offers broadband Internet to endorsers. SingTel clients, for the most part, get  2Wire gateways or routers, which empower access to the Internet and the making of a nearby system. The system encryption key that was the arrangement on the remote switch or passage is on the base of your 2Wire gadget. With the key on the base of the switch, your system needs security, yet you have the alternative of setting up your own network password.


Open an Internet browser.


Type “” in the browser’s address bar and press the “Enter” key on your console to get to the router’s configuration page.


Click the “Wireless” option or its logo to progress to the following screen.


Click the “Security” tab and, under the “Remote Key” segment, select “Set custom encryption key.”


Type in your own system secret word. It is prescribed to utilize a secret phrase with a variety of numbers, images, and upper-and lower-case letters.


Click the “Save” button to apply your changes, and afterward log out of your switch’s design page.

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