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How to Install and Configure iSCSI Target on Windows Server 2019


In this blog entry, we will cover how to install and configure iSCSI Target on Windows Server 2019.

From Wikipedia, iSCSI is an acronym for Internet Small Computer Systems Interface, an Internet Protocol-based storage networking standard for linking data storage facilities. It gives square level access to capacity gadgets via conveying SCSI directions over a TCP/IP network. The iSCSI target is the capacity of a remote area, which appears to the host framework (iSCSI initiator) as a nearby drive. We will see the entirety of this illustrated.

The following are the means used to arrange iSCSI Target and Initiator on Windows Server 2019.

Stage 1: Open Server Manager

Fire up your “Server Manager” and snap on “Add Roles and Features” at that point click “Next” on the primary page of the Wizard that pops up,

Stage 2: Role-Based or Feature-based installation

On this page, pick the “Role-Based or Feature-based installation” radio option and hit “Next”.

Stage 3: Choose Server

Select the server you would wich to introduce the iSCSI Target in. On this guide, we are picking the neighborhood server. Snap “Next” after that.

Stage 4: Select Server Roles

This next page is titled “Select Server Roles” and has a rundown of jobs to introduce. If you don’t mind feel free to tap on “Files and Storage Services” to grow it. Extend “Files and iSCSI Services” and select “iSCSI Target Server”.

Stage 6: Confirm Selections

The following page is titled "Confirm installation selections". Take a gander at the rundown gave and affirm that iSCSI Target Server and others are recorded. From that point forward, click "Install". In the wake of everything is effectively introduced, click "Close" and your iSCSI Target Server is installed. Let us continue to design the iSCSI Target Server.

Stage 7: Configure iSCSI Target Folder

We are presently going to configure a folder that we will be associated with by initiators. create a directory/folder in your desired disk partition. I will make iSCSI-Target-Test in C segment.

Head over to "Server Manager". Snap "File and Storage Services" and select iSCSI from the extended menu. You will see "To make an iSCSI virtual disk, start the New iSCSI Virtual Disk Wizard" connect on the correct sheet. Snap-on it. A wizard pops up.

Stage 8: Choose the folder we made

Select "Type a custom path" and peruse for the organizer we made before. Snap "Next" after that.

Stage 9: Name and describe your virtual disk

This is a simple advance of simply naming and depicting your virtual disk. Snap-on "Next" after you are finished.

Stage 10: Set the size of the virtual circle

In this progression, aside from setting the size of the virtual circle, you have the alternative of picking if the plate will be fixed, powerfully develop or in differencing modes. The entirety of the three is depicted enough in the window. Select the one that bodes well in your set-up and click "Next"

Stage 11: Assign iSCSI Target

Since this is a new target select "New iSCSI target" and snap "Next"

Stage 12: Name and describe your target

This is one more simple advance of simply naming and describing your target. Snap-on "Next" after you are finished.

Stage 13: Specify access servers

For security, we need to unequivocally enable known initiators to our objectives. This page gives us that chance. Snap-on "Add" which opens the "Add Initiator ID" pop up window. For effortlessness, use "Enter a value for the selected type" and under "Type" pick IP Address starting from the drop menu. Key-in your initiator IP Address and snap "ok".

Stage 14: Authentication between initiator and Target

You can use either of the two CHAP choices gave which are all around portrayed in this progression. Enter username and passwords. Snap-on "Next" after you are finished.

Stage 15: Confirm selections and create

On this following page confirm your determinations, click create and wait for it to finish.

You should see your virtual disk made on the server manager.

Stage 16: Configure iSCSI Initiator

With the iSCSI Target configured, proceed to configure the iSCSI initiator on Windows Server 2019:


We have successfully installed the iSCSI Target Server and created a target virtual disk.


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