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Step by step instructions to Install Active Directory Domain Services in Windows Server 2019

How to Install Active Directory Domain Services in Windows Server 2019



Probably the best component that makes Windows server to sparkle in the Enterprise circle is Active Directory. This single Sign-on item that consistently and effectively incorporates the majority of Microsoft items makes the client the executives among different errands very simple and fun. This guide is about how to introduce Active Directory Domain Services on a recently introduced Windows server 2019.

Stage 1: Open Server Manager

Hit the “Windows” key on your console and type “Server Manager” to scan for the application. When it is open as shown by the figure underneath, let us currently continue to the subsequent stage of introducing Active Directory Domain Services.

Stage 2: Add Roles and Features

Right-click on “Oversee” on the “Server Manager” window and pick “Include Roles and Features”. This will open the “Include Roles and Features Wizard” which ushers us to the part where we introduce Active Directory Domain Services. Snap-on straightaway.

Stage 3: Installation Type

On the “Installation Type”, leave “Role-based or feature-based installation” radio catch chose and click on the straightaway.

Stage 4: Server Selection

On this stage titled “Select destination server”, select the server you are to introduce AD DS and snap straightaway. I will pick my neighborhood server.

Stage 5: Server Roles

The past advance will lead you to the following page as demonstrated as follows. Here, you will see numerous choices with a square agenda box against them. As you can figure, we will pick “Active Directory Domain Services”.

Stage 6: Add Features

Quickly you pick that alternative, another part comes up. On the page, simply click on the “add Features” tab and hit “Next”.

Stage 7: Select Features

On the following page after Step 6 titled “Select features”, simply hit “Next” to lead you to establishments of AD DS.

Stage 8: AD DS

As demonstrated as follows, you will be given the following page titled “Active Directory Domain Services”. Here, click on “Next”

Stage 9: Confirm your selections

The following page is tied in with Confirming what you have to introduce before really introducing them. On the off chance that you make certain about what you have picked, click on introduce. You can alternatively pick the choice that restarts the server at whatever point required. Snap-on close once it is finished.

Stage 10: Promote to Domain Controller

After you have completed the process of introducing Active Directory Domain Services, the last advance is to elevate it to a Domain Controller. Head toward Server Manager where you will see a yellow shout warning next to the “Oversee” tab as demonstrated as follows. Snap-on it and pick “Promote this server to a domain controller”

Stage 11: Add a New Forest

Another window titled “Dynamic Directory Domain Services Configuration Wizard” as appeared underneath will spring up. We are going to Add another Forest yet on the off chance that you would wish to accomplish something other than what’s expected in this Step, you are allowed to pick different choices. Include your association’s root space name. Snap-on “Next” after you pick your decision.

Stage 12: Domain Controller Options

On the Domain Controller alternatives, leave the defaults checked and input your secret word. From that point onward, click “Next”.

Stage 13: DNS Options

On the following page ( DNS Options ), you will most likely observe a mistake on top with the words “An appointment for this DNS server can’t be made in light of the fact that the legitimate parent zone nameserver can’t be found”. Ignore it and snap “Next”

Stage 14: NetBIOS Domain name

On the following page, leave the NetBIOS area name as default or you can transform it as long as it isn’t longer than 15 characters. Snap “Next” after that.

Stage 15: Paths

Leave ways as default and snap “Next” as demonstrated as follows.

Stage 16: Review Selections

In this progression, the server enables you to audit what you have done as such far. On the off chance that you are acceptable with the determinations, you have done. Hit “Next”.

Stage 17: Prerequisites Check

In this progression, requirements will be approved before Active Directory Domain Services is introduced. In the event that you get any mistakes here, it would be ideal if you take a gander at it and fix anything in the past advances. In the event that all is alright, click “Introduce”.

From that point forward, the Server will reboot and you would then be able to sign into the Domain with the certifications you set in Step 12 as demonstrated as follows:


You have Active Directory Domain Services Installed and can be managed by Active Directory Administrative Center. We hope it was informative and you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading through.


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