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The most effective method to Change Wireless Settings

How to Change Wireless Settings

A wireless network can be a great way to share an Internet connection with several computers and devices in a localized area. Wireless networks are made with a remote door, for example, a remote switch, those different computers associated with utilizing remote connector cards. Subsequent to making a remote system, you may wish to sign in to your switch’s authoritative board to modify your remote settings. This can help upgrade execution and secure your wireless connection

Change Router Settings


Connect to the Internet using your wireless router and then click “Start,” “Run,” type “command,” and click “OK.”


Type “ipconfig” into the command prompt and press “Enter.”


Record the number recorded as your default gateway. It will probably be something like or


Open a Web program and type the number you recorded in stage 3 into the location bar and press “Enter.” A sign on brief will show up.


Enter your network’s user name and password and then click “OK”  or press “Enter.” If you have never set up a client name or secret phrase, these might be set to industrial facility defaults; counsel your switch manual to discover the default name and secret phrase. (Administrator for client name and secret key for the secret key are regular defaults). This will log you in to your switch’s regulatory board, where you can make changes to your remote settings.


Modify the choices in the switch’s menus as important and select “Spare Changes” when you are finished. Every switch will have various menus and various settings alternatives however basic choices incorporate firewall settings, security and secret word settings.

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