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The most effective method to Change the Name of a Wireless Network

How to Change the Name of a Wireless Network

A unique name makes it much quicker to discover your switch when you’re going on the web, particularly when you’re in a territory with a wide range of Wi-Fi hotspots. using your router’s admin panel, you can change the name of your remote system at whatever point you wish. A Wi-Fi system names are additionally called the administration set identifier, or SSID. Your switch’s SSID is a case-delicate. It can have up to 32 letters or numbers, however, ca exclude spaces.


Look in your switch’s guidance manual to locate its inside IP address, for example, “”


Type the switch’s IP address into the location bar of your Internet program and press “Enter” to open a Web page with your switch’s control board.


Enter your router’s admin username and password as incited. On the off chance that you didn’t set these certifications, you should check with your switch maker’s site to discover the defaults. Frequently the default username is “administrator” and the default secret phrase is clear.


Access the “Wireless” link on the page.


Enter your new wireless network name in the field marked “Wireless Network Name.” This field is likewise usually named as “SSID.” Save your changes.


Open the network settings for each Wi-Fi device and pick the new system name to associate with your router.

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