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Create an IAM Group

Create an IAM Group

An IAM group is a collection of IAM users. We can specify permissions for various clients using roles, which can make it

easier to manage the permissions for those users.

On the IAM home page, click on “Groups” on the left board. Snap-on “Create New Group“.

Create an IAM Group

Specify a name and snap on the “Next step“.

Create an IAM Group Next Step

Search for “read-only access“, scroll to the base and check the registration. Snap-on “Next Setup“.

Create an IAM Group readonlyaccess

Review the configuration and snap on “Create Group“.

Now, we have a group with “ReadOnlyAccess“, which implies clients having a place with this gathering will have just “Read-Only” access on AWS Resources/Services.

Create an IAM Group Read-Only

Go back to the IAM Homepage and select the group that we just created. Click on “Add Users to Group” to add our user to this group.

Select the user that we created in the previous step and click on “Add Users”. This will add our user to the group we created having “ReadOnlyAccess”.

Create an IAM Group Add Users 6

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