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Create an IAM Policy

Create an IAM Policy

An IAM policy is an entity that is attached to an identity or resource to define their permissions.

On the IAM home page, click on “Policies” in the left panel. Click on “Create Policy“.

Create an IAM Policy

Click on “Service” to select a service for which policy needs to be created. Search for service in the search box and select the service.

Create an IAM Policy Service

You will get a list of permissions that can be assigned, here select “List”. Click on “Review Policy”.

Create an IAM Policy, Review Policy

Give a name to the policy and click on “Create policy”. This policy now can be attached to a user to give only “List” permissions on EC2 Service. We can follow the same steps we followed to attach a policy while creating a user to attach this policy.

Create an IAM Policy, Create policy

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