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Elastic Block Store (EBS) Volume Types for AWS

Elastic Block Store (EBS) Volume Types for AWS

Similarly, as there isn’t one sort of hard drive, there isn’t one sort of EBS volume. Amazon Web Services (AWS) right now gives access to both Solid-State Drive (SSD) and Hard Disk Drive (HDD) volumes. SSD gives rapid access, while HDD gives lower-cost access to a progressively customary hard drive. Amazon further subdivides the two advancements into two kinds each (listed in order of speed):

• EBS Provisioned IOPS SSD: Provides high-speed data access that you commonly need for data-intensive applications that rely on moderately-sized databases.

• EBS General Purpose SSD: Creates a medium-rapid condition for low-inactivity applications. Amazon recommends this sort of volume for your boot drive. Be that as it may, regardless of whether you really need this measure of speed for your arrangement relies upon the sorts of uses you intend to run.

• Throughput Optimized HDD: Defines a rapid hard drive condition, which can’t contend with even a standard SSD. Be that as it may, this volume type will work with most regular applications and Amazon recommends using it for large information or information distribution center applications. This is presumably the best choice to pick when cash is an issue and you don’t generally require the presentation that SSD gives.

• Cold HDD: Provides the most minimal speed alternative that Amazon bolsters. You utilize this volume type for the information you get to less regularly than the information you place on the other volume types (think the information you utilize once per week, as opposed to once consistently). This isn’t a document choice; it’s progressively similar to a low-speed choice for things you don’t require continually, for example, an image database.

As you push toward higher-speed items, you likewise address a greater expense. For instance, at the hour of composing, a Cold HDD volume costs just $0.025/GB/month, however, an EBS Provisioned SSD volume costs $0.125/GB/month. You can discover the cost and speed correlation subtleties on the web. The table gave contains some intriguing insights. For instance, all the volume types top out at 16TB and bolster a most extreme throughput for every case of 800MB/s.

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