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How to Create IAM Roles in AWS?

How to Create IAM Roles in AWS?

An IAM role is an IAM identity that we can create in our AWS account that has specific permissions. It is a similar IAM user with permission policies that determine what the identity can and cannot do in AWS. IAM Role allows AWS services to perform actions on our behalf.

On the IAM landing page, click on “Roles” on the left board. Snap-on “Create role“.

Create an IAM Role

In this article, we will make a Role for Lambda Service. Snap-on “Lambda” and snap on “Next: Permissions“.

Create an IAM Role Next Permissions

In the search box, search for “ec2readonlyaccess” and tick on the registration for the strategy “AmazonEC2ReadyOnlyAccess“. This will give “read-just” access to the Lambda work on EC2 Service. Snap-on “Next: Tags“.

Create an IAM Role Next Tags

Adding tags is discretionary however can be utilized to arrange track or control access for this job. Snap-on “Next: Review” to proceed further.

Create an IAM Role Next Review

Give a name to the role, add a description and snap “Create role“. This will create a Role that will Allows Lambda functions to

call AWS services on your behalf with “ReadOnlyAccess” on the “EC2” service.

Create an IAM Role EC2 service

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