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What are the Storage Classes in Amazon S3?

What are the Storage Classes in Amazon S3?

S3 Standard

Standard storage class is a default storage class in  S3 that stores the client’s information over different gadgets. It gives 99.99% accessibility and 99.999999999% strength. It can spare the loss of two offices simultaneously and give low inertness and high throughput performance.

S3 Standard IA (infrequently accessed)

This class is used when data isn’t accessed frequently but demands rapid access when needed. It is also designed to sustain the loss of two facilities concurrently and provide low latency and high throughput performance.

S3 one zone – infrequent access

This storage class is used by the client when information is gotten to less every now and again, yet when it requires quick access when required. It cost 20% not exactly standard IA stockpiling class since it stores information in a solitary accessibility zone, not at all like all other storage classes. It is cost-effective storage and a good choice for storing backup data.

S3 Glacier

It is the cheapest storage class in Amazon S3 where you can store immense data at a lower rate as compared to other storage classes but can be used for archive only. Let us see what the three types of models offered by S3 Glacier are

  • Expedited – data is stored only for a few minutes
  • Standard – Retrieval time of standard model is 3 to 5 hours
  • Bulk – Retrieval time of bulk model is 5 to 12 hours

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