What is Microsoft Word and its Advantages

What is Microsoft Word?

Microsoft Word is a word processing software application that enables you does easily create both simple and complex documents, such as memos or reports.  provides tools to enable you to check the spelling of your document create merge letters and add graphics to enhance your written information.

Advantages of Ms. Word

Microsoft Word is the word processing component of the Microsoft Office Suite and is one of the most extensively used computer applications.

Its advantages include:


One of the advantages of using Microsoft Word is that it is available practically everywhere. comes standard on many PCs. You can typically find it on your work computer, computers at school and your home PC.

Integration with Office Programs

Another benefit of using Microsoft Word is that it easily integrates with other Microsoft Office programs. For example, if you have a spreadsheet that you created on Microsoft Excel, you can easily paste it into a  document.

Instant Help

While you are creating a document,  also helps you make sure that it is the best it can be. When you misspell a word, you will immediately underline it. You can then click on the word and get suggested spellings. If you type a sentence that has poor grammar, underline the sentence for you.  It also provides an autocorrect facility.

Document Flexibility

Word lets you create simple word-processing documents like letters and reports and make them as basic or as jazzed-up as you wish — you can add color, use clip art, write in a variety of fonts and sizes, and use tables, borders and bullet formatting.

also provide many and many tools for writing verity of the document just like bullets and numbering, table, index table, table of contents and column, etc.

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