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The most effective method to Piggyback Secured WiFi Networks

How to Piggyback Secured WiFi Networks

Windows 7 enables users to impart Internet connections with other computers s via ad hoc networks. An ad hoc network allows a computer to piggyback on a verified Wi-Fi arrange that a host PC is as of now associated with. Specially appointed systems are a perfect alternative on the off chance that you need to give somebody brief access to the Internet in your home or office, yet don’t need them to know your system secret word.


Click “Start.” Right-click “System.” Click “Properties” to open the Network and Sharing Center.


Select “Set Up a New Connection or Network” from the correct sheet. Select “Set Up a Wireless Ad Hoc (Computer-to-Computer) Network” from the association choices. Snap “Next.”


Enter a system name for the impromptu system, and after that select, a security type starting from the drop menu. WPA is suggested since it gives the best security. Info a secret phrase for the new system. Check “Spare This Network.” Click “Next.”


Click “Turn On Internet Connection Sharing” to empower piggybacking on the verified Wi-Fi arrangement. Snap “Close.”

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