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The most effective method to Change the Password on a Cisco Linksys Router

How to Change the Password on a Cisco Linksys Router

Linksys (presently part of Cisco Systems) is a maker of systems administration hardware. At the point when a Linksys switch is designed with a password, all computers need to realize that secret word so as to join the system. Numerous locales use that component as a result of its potential for keeping out unapproved gadgets at the most essential system level. It is a decent security practice to change passwords routinely or at whatever point they may have been undermined. You can change the secret word on your Linksys switch to anything you need.


Connect the computer to a numbered port on the back of the switch utilizing the Ethernet link.


Dispatch a Web program by double tapping on its work area symbol. Explore the program to the switch’s design menus. The location for that relies upon the particular model. For instance, the location is “” for all Linksys WRT54GS routers.


Raise the system security design menu. For instance, for a WRT54GS, click “Wireless” and then “Wireless Security.”


Choose a new password and then enter it into the switch’s arrangement utility. For instance, for a WRT54GS the new passphrase ought to go into the field named “Shared Key” (in the event that you are utilizing one of the WPA security conventions) or “Passphrase” (in the event that you are utilizing WEP.) Click on “Spare Settings” to save the new password.

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