How To Use The Facebook Marketplace To View Hidden Information

How To Use The Facebook Marketplace To View Hidden Information
How To Use The Facebook Marketplace To View Hidden Information

In this article, you will learn about How To See Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace step by step. So without much to do, let’s get started.

Facebook is a Goliath that continuously introduces new features and services to entice you to use and return to its services. Facebook Marketplace was first envisioned in 2015 as a straightforward buy-and-sell forum where users could advertise their goods with the advantage that you could view the user’s Facebook profile and confirm their legitimacy.

Facebook Marketplace has evolved into much more, and many users are discovering that there is secret vendor information they would like to see. However, when users view the information, a window stating “hidden information” appears.

Continue reading as I go into more depth about what information is concealed and how you might be able to retrieve it.

How Can You See Facebook Marketplace’s Hidden Information?

You have a few options if you’ve been browsing Facebook Marketplace and want to read or access information on a product or a seller and get a popup saying “hidden information,” in which case you want to know what’s been withheld from you.

Contact the Seller

The simplest method is to contact the seller through the Facebook Marketplace contact form and ask for the information and anything else you require, depending on what information is hidden and your purpose for needing it.

You might have to wait for the information if you get in touch with the seller. Nevertheless, it is a surefire approach to obtain trustworthy information directly from the supplier without having to fiddle with any tactics or technical procedures.

Finding the hidden information is probably not going to get you a better response or the product you desire if the vendor doesn’t get back to you.

Switch Between Browser and Application

Depending on how you browse Facebook Marketplace, different information might be hidden. For instance, you might be seeing the product listings while using the Facebook app on your phone or a browser like Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

By altering how you see Facebook Marketplace, you can quickly and easily see the hidden information.

Using your browser, view the Facebook Marketplace listing

Using an Android, iPhone, or other mobile device with a browser enabled, you can copy a listing when browsing Facebook Marketplace on the Facebook app and view it there.

  1. Launch the Facebook app, then choose Market.
  2. Choose the listing or item you want to copy.
  3. You can choose the share button that is located below the image of the item.
  4. Choose copy.
  5. Launch your web browser software, such as Chrome or Safari.
  6. Tap and paste the Marketplace listing into the URL window.

The concealed data may still need logging into Facebook, but it might now be accessible outside of the Facebook app.

Use Your Mobile App to View the Facebook Marketplace Listing

Try viewing the listing on the Facebook app to check if it’s available if you discover that surfing Facebook Marketplace from a web browser on your phone or desktop causes hidden information popups.

From your browser, copy the Facebook Marketplace URL, and then paste it into a notepad or an email to yourself.

The Facebook app should launch to the Facebook Marketplace listing once you click the link.

You can check the hidden data once you’re within the Facebook app to determine if it was simply hidden from browser versions.

Use the developer tools in Chrome

Users of Facebook Marketplace have previously reported that web browsers mainly hide the phone number. The problem is frequently solved and the buried content is made available by switching the URL to the mobile version.

Modify the www in your web browser’s URL box by looking there. to be m. and attempt to see the page once more. While some people claim it still functions, some claim the opposite. It can depend on whether the concealed data is partially or entirely hidden from view on a mobile device.

If it doesn’t work, Facebook might be verifying whether or not you are actually using a mobile device before granting you access via the URL. You may compel a web browser, like Chrome, to inform Facebook that the user is using a mobile device and not a desktop computer.

Launch the Chrome browser.

Pressing the F12 key on your keyboard will launch Developer Tools.

Select the “Device Toggle Toolbar.”

Choose the phone device you want to use, such as an Android or iPhone.

Press F5 to update the browser.

You should now be able to access Facebook Marketplace on mobile devices, so see if the secret data is now accessible.

What Facebook Marketplace Information is Hidden?

It’s frequently advisable to contact the seller directly in the manner they prefer because sellers have the option to hide specific information from their ads if they don’t want to be reached through those channels.

It’s frequently not a good idea to try it since if you manage to access concealed information, the seller might not be particularly pleased with you or interested in selling the thing you wish to buy.

Facebook will also conceal information on various versions of the Facebook Marketplace if it determines that you lack a phone to call the information, such as phone numbers when you browse the site outside of the Facebook app.

It’s an odd strategy considering that many users using a browser to explore Facebook Marketplace have a phone right next to them and frequently prefer to make brief phone calls.


It might be feasible to test a different web browser or Facebook app to check if the information is just hidden on one of them if you’re looking for a phone number to contact a vendor instead of utilizing the contact form.

It’s possible that the vendor doesn’t want you to access the hidden information if employing the aforementioned techniques doesn’t enable you to do so. You must get in touch with them using the accessible methods.

This is about How To See Hidden Information On Facebook Marketplace, and we hope you have learned something from this tutorial and share your opinion about this tutorial. What do you think about it, and if you think this tutorial will help some of your friends, do share it with them.


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