Amazon Brand Registry

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon’s Brand Registry is a program that identifies brand owners to Amazon. It helps brand owners protect their intellectual property and product content on Amazon.

Brand Registry has a dedicated team that brand proprietors can contact to report protected innovation encroachment, approach infringement, posting issues and specialized issues, and furthermore heighten recently submitted cases.

Brand Registry likewise gives brand proprietors access to extra promoting programs, including Enhanced Brand Content, and Amazon Storefronts.

For what reason did Amazon introduce Brand Registry?

Amazon has faced several lawsuits from brands asserting insufficient was being done to forestall fake items being sold, alongside other licensed innovation (IP) infringement.

It appears that Brand Registry was acquainted with assistance stem the progression of fake and IP encroachment issues on the site. It additionally moves a portion of the weight of policing infringement from Amazon onto brand proprietors.

Since Brand Registry recognizes brand proprietors and their approved affiliates, it likewise makes it simpler for Amazon to start implementing its Standards for Brands Selling in the Amazon Store. Under this new approach, Amazon is telling brands that they can never again sell straightforwardly to clients through the Amazon Marketplace. Rather, their solitary alternative is to sell things legitimately to Amazon Retail as a merchant.

What changed with Brand Registry 2.0?

Brand Registry 1.0 offered brand proprietors control of posting content and a UPC exclusion for their items.

Brand Registry 2.0 offers:

• Listing content control

• A dedicated internal team

• A tool to monitor your brand on Amazon

• Access to other marketing and authenticity programs

• The ability to include “agents” who can also access to the Brand Registry tools

Amazon’s internal Brand Registry team enables brands to:

• Submit IP encroachment claims*

• Report marketplace center infringement including “not as portrayed” and item audit controls.

• Report posting issues remembering wrong data for detail pages, erroneous varieties, and engaging blocked postings.

• Retract IP encroachment claims

• Report technical issues

• Escalate recently submitted cases

What are the prerequisites to enroll Amazon Brand Registry?

The specific prerequisites vary by nation, yet all necessitate that you have:

1. An active, registered trademark in that nation that shows up on your item or bundling.

2. The ability to verify yourself as the rights proprietor, through the open contact recorded on your trademark enlistment.

3. An Amazon account (either Seller Central or Vendor Central).

The trademark must be a text-based mark or a picture based imprint that contains content.

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