The most effective method to Ship Inventory to an Amazon FBA Warehouse

How to ship inventory to an amazon fba werehouse

How to ship inventory to an amazon fba warehouse

Once you receive samples you ordered from a supplier, or in case you’re looking to sell items you have around the house through FBA, you’ll need to send them to one of Amazon’s fulfillment centers.

In order to do that, we need to create a shipping order within Amazon’s seller dashboard.

How to Ship to Amazon FBA

Go to the “Manage FBA Inventory” under the “Stock” tab in your Amazon dealer dashboard.

Next, click the checkbox to the left of your product, click “Action on 1 selected” above the listing, then select “Send/replenish inventory”.

Inventory Amazon

Next, assuming your item is, indeed, an FBA posting you’ll simply click “Send Inventory”.

On the off chance that you need to change over the item from Merchant-fulfilled to FBA, you will be provoked to do as such by Amazon.

send inventory to amazon

On the next screen, you’ll need to ensure the “Make another delivery plan” alternative is chosen alongside the “Case-pressed items” choice as this is the choice utilized when sending products of a similar item.

When you select these options, click “continue to shipping plan “.

send/replenish inventory

On the next screen, look down and you’ll see a zone where we have to enter the number of units and the number of cases we will send.

Since we’ll be sending our 10 examples in 1 box, enter 10 into the “Units per case” box and 1 in the “Quantity of cases” box.

Once you fill all that out, click “Continue”.

amazon inventory

In the next section, Amazon asks you to prepare your products.

You’ll need to send each of your products in an individual polybag with a warning label on it

If you received your products from China and they were already in a polybag, you should be fine to proceed.

Once you finish preparing your products, click “Continue”.

The next thing you’ll need to do is label your products.

Printing Labels to Send Your Inventory to Amazon FBA

You have two or three choices here, you can either print them yourself on the off chance that you have a label printer

Having Amazon do it for you will clearly accumulate a few changes which can be seen here.

You can make Amazon name the items for you by clicking “Apply to all” under “Who marks?” and choosing “Amazon”.

When you have your marks printed off, place them on the facade of your item.

In the event that you need to try out the items to ensure they would then be able to utilize a standardized identification scanner – this isn’t required however I constantly prefer to do this equitable to ensure they can be filtered once they arrive at Amazon’s distribution center.

Snap “continue” when you’re ready to move on.

amazon inventory

Step by step instructions to Ship Your Products to Amazon

On this next page, you can rename your shipment or simply keep it at its default name – this is totally up to you.

Snap “Approve shipment” to proceed onward to the following page.

Your shipment ought to be made and you ought to be prepared to print your delivery name!

Snap “Work on shipment” to be taken to the following page.

You will currently be given the decision to send your items through UPS or FedEx.

Under the “Shipment pressing” area, select “Everything in one box” in the drop-down box situated under the content “By what method will this shipment be stuffed?”.

Next, you’ll have to include the shipment box’s weight alongside the measurements.

On the off chance that you haven’t as of now, fill your shipment box with your items and gauge your items utilizing either a transportation scale or a normal scale.

As far as I can tell, this doesn’t need to be 100% precise as long as it’s near the weight territory.

Concerning the delivery box’s measurements, you should see the measurements on the container itself.

For my situation, I generally purchase my delivery boxes from Walmart and you can generally observe the container measurements on the base right-hand corner.

When you’ve entered the entirety of this data, click “Affirm” and you’ll have the option to proceed onward to the next section.

shipment packing

Under “Shipping charges”, click the “Figure” catch to get the value you’ll be charged for delivering these items.

Since we’re not sending a lot of items, the delivery cost will probably below.

Snap the checkmark beside “I consent to the terms and conditions” and afterward “Acknowledge charges”.

You will be charged to your Seller account and have 24 hours to void the exchange in the event that you choose not to transport the items for whatever reason.

chipping charges

Print Your Shipping Labels

In the next section, click “Print box labels” to download the delivery name you should put on your container.

Your name will look something like this (obviously without the blacked-out parts):shipping charges

Using your laser printer and shipping label paper, print your shipping label.

Try not to put the delivery mark on the highest point of your crate, rather place it as an afterthought as this is the place Amazon needs you to put it.

On the off chance that your case is too little to even think about fitting the name on, you may need to either trim it down or simply get a greater box.

When you have your container named, click “Total shipment” and you’ll simply drop your case off at a UPS/FedEx store.

shipping labels Once your products have arrived at Amazon’s warehouse, you will receive an email notification and your products will be added to your inventory.

It may take a few business days for the products to arrive at the warehouse and be added to your inventory.

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