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How to Use Your Android Phone as a Mouse on Mac

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Mouse on Mac
How to Use Your Android Phone as a Mouse on Mac

How to Use Your Android Phone as a Mouse on Mac

Whether your mouse is broken or if you simply need to test the adaptability of Android, using your phone as a mouse is simply cool. It tends to be extremely convenient after all other options have been exhausted, and everything necessary is picking a viable application. Continue perusing for how you can without much of a stretch use your Android phone as a mouse on your Mac.

Download Remote Mouse Android App

There is no lack of Android applications accessible that serve as a mouse. That is particularly obvious as a decent number of these applications are multi-stage and are accessible for Windows, Mac, and as a rule, Linux. Remote Mouse is a favorite among Android clients, and it’s extraordinary compared to other known applications in this classification. While establishment can vary from application to application, generally, these means are valid for most applications.

  1. Open the Google Play Store on either your Android cell phone or internet browser.

2. Search for “Remote Mouse.”

3. Click on Install from either the phone or internet browser.

Download Remote Mouse App for Your Desktop

Note: the following directions apply to Mac, yet you can likewise download the Windows .exe and Linux package from the Remote Mouse site.

  1. Open the Mac App Store from your Dock.
  2. Search for “Remote Mouse” and install the application.

Connecting Android and Mac

  1. To begin with, open the Remote Mouse application on your Android gadget.

2. When open, the application will give you another update in the event that you have not as of now downloaded the Mac application.

3. The third step is to install the Mac application. If you have not effectively done as such, click on the download application in “Finder – > Applications” so it opens in your Menu bar. You will know it’s running when you see the symbol.

4. Next, the Android application will endeavor to look for your Mac computer over Wi-Fi. At the point when it finds your computer, click on the computer name.

5. The Mac application will stop you if you have not as of now included Remote Mouse under the settings and gave it Accessibility access. Mac computers do that as security insurance, so you should empower this capacity to push ahead.

5.1. Go to “Apple menu – > System Preferences.”

5.2. Find and snap on “Security and Privacy.”

5.3. On the next screen, the tab on the extreme right is marked Privacy. Find the Remote Mouse symbol and ensure it has a checkmark close to it. When you have finished that, you can return and endeavor to associate your Android gadget and Mac once more.

  1. Move past the alternate route capacities, and you will see a green screen. Matching up is finished, and you are all set. Experiment by moving your fingers around, using two fingers to double-tap, look here and there with two fingers, and so on.

7. As an added bonus, the toolbar at the base of the Android application screen grandstands the additional capacities that are accessible. For instance, this whole sentence was composed through the phone by using the console that springs up on the cell phone.

8. If you are left-given, click on the “hamburger” symbol at the left half of the easy route bar and you will see a switch alternative for “Left Handed.” If dynamic, the entirety of the application’s functions repositions themselves to more better serve left-gave users.

To perceive how simple this can be, you need just to experience the way toward installing Remote Mouse only a single time. Subsequent to installing, it’s straightforward the fascination of using an Android gadget like a mouse. It’s basic, clear and it implies one less thing to convey or go with. Yes, the facts demonstrate that a cell phone will never repeat the ergonomics of a mouse for drawing in Photoshop or editing a video, but in a pinch, it’s more than good enough. That you have plenty of app options to choose from and support for nearly every platform makes going down this road all the better. Have you ever tried using your Android as a mouse?

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