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Some of the keys on my computer keyboard aren’t working

Some of the keys on my computer keyboard aren’t working

Some of the keys on my computer keyboard aren't working

At the point when the keys on a keyboard don’t work, it’s ordinarily because of mechanical failure. If so, the keyboard should be replaced. In any case, once in a while, non-functioning keys can be fixed. The accompanying segments contain regular issues and their causes, just as techniques to attempt to cure those issues.

Function keys not working

On the off chance that the function keys are not working, the issue might be that you have a capacity lock or F-Lock key that should be toggled. The F-Lock key is used to turn on or the F keys (F1 through F12) or secondary functions of the F keys.


Some keyboards may label the F-Lock key as the Fn key.

Instructions to Fix Laptop Keyboard Not Working in Windows 10

Keys on the number pad are not working

On the off chance that the keys on the number pad don’t work or are carrying on strangely (e.g., moving your cursor), press the Num Lock key. Num Lock is utilized to switch between the essential capacity (numbers) and secondary functions (bolt keys, Home, Del, and so forth.) of the numeric keypad.

Some keys aren’t used in certain programs

A few keys, for example, the function keys (F1 through F12), don’t work with each application. Test the key that isn’t working in more than one program, for example, Notepad, a word processor, and your favored Internet browser.

Program or driver interference

The rebooting your computer. It’s not uncommon for a program or working framework to cause issues with a console that can keep a portion of the keys from working. In the event that rebooting didn’t help and you’re using Windows, have a go at beginning it in Safe Mode to ensure no foundation programs are running. In the event that your console works in Safe Mode, all things considered, one of the projects or device drivers you have introduced is causing the issue.

Dirty keyboard

Dust, dirt, hair, and different flotsam and jetsam can fall into the console after some time and discourage a key’s development or meddle with its hardware. Take a stab at evacuating the key that isn’t working and clean the zone under and around it.

If all else fails, replace the keyboard

If you’ve tried all the above suggestions and one or more keys are still not working, it’s likely the defective keyboard and needs to be replaced.

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