Terminal and its Types

What is terminal and its types

The terminal is a basic communication unit. It is used to send and receive the data it generally consists of keyboard & monitor. The keyboard is used to input data and monitor work as an output unit. Many terminals are connected with the central computer through terminal much people can work on a single computer on a time.

Following are some type of terminals:

  • Video display terminal
  • Teleprinter terminal
  • Intelligent terminal
  • Dumb terminal
  • Local terminal
  • Remote terminal

Video display terminal

The video display terminal is like a TV screen. This screen is called a monitor is used to display information received from the computer. The combination of monitor & video display unit is called the video display terminal.

Teleprinter terminal

The teleprinter consists of the printer. The printer is used to get information on a piece of paper from the central computer.

Intelligent terminal

If the microcomputer is connected to the central computer & microcomputer act as a terminal of the central computer. It termed an intelligent terminal. The intelligent terminal can process, store, & receive information to & from other terminals & central computer.

Dumb terminal

A dumb terminal has only input and output units to send and receive information to and from other terminals. They are depended on the central computer for their work.

Local terminal

The local terminal is directly connected to the central computer through cables. This type of networking is known as a local area network (LAN). Local terminal are used in signal building or office

Remote terminal

The terminal that is a long distance away from the central computer is known as remote terminals. They are connected to the central computer through telecommunication lines. The remote terminal is mostly intelligent terminals.

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