Step by step instructions to Turn Off DHCP on Netgear

How to Turn Off DHCP on Netgear

A router, by default, assigns an IP  to every computer that interfaces with it. This programmed task enables the switch to tell where parcels originate from and where they should wind up. Parcels are little scaled-down “wires” sent over the Internet that contain source addresses, goal data and parts of a message. To design a static, or unchangeable, IP address on a computer, you should initially handicap DHCP on your Netgear router.


Type “” (without statements) in a program’s location bar and press “Enter” on your console.


Type “administrator” as your username and “password” as the password (once more, without statements) when you get a brief approaching you for these certifications.


Click Lan IP Setup on the left half of the page you enter.


Clear the checkbox marked “Use Router as DHCP Server.” Click “Apply” when you finish. Your switch never again doles out IPs naturally once you have done this.

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