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How to share an internet connection using a wireless hotspot on Windows 10

How to Share an Internet Connection Using a Wireless Hotspot on Windows 10

Step 1: Go from Start menu, click Settings > Network and Internet.

Step 2: Click on the Mobile Hotspot tab. Turn on the Share my Internet connection with other devices switch.

Step 3: Select what you want to share my Internet connection from your PC for devices.

Step 4: Click the Edit button to change the network name and password, if you like.

Step 5: Enter the network name and password, then click Save.

How do Other Device Connect to Mobile Hotspot

On the device that needs to connect to Mobile Hotspot, go to the Wi-Fi settings, find your network name, select it, enter the password, and then connect.


With creators update sharing the internet connection became even easier in Windows 10

Now you can quickly set up sharing of your wired or wireless connection and instantly turn it on or off when you want

Click on (Expand)

Click on (Mobile hotspot)

Click on (Go to settings)

Another window will pop up Click on Edit option

Another window will pop type Network Name and password and click on save

And then ON (Mobile hotspot)

Once you have configured your hotspot you may toggle it on or off from windows 10 action center

Click On

Now all your devices having a Wi-Fi can connect to your hotspot and use your internet connection

Go to mobile settings and click it

Another window will pop up title (settings) click on Wi-Fi

Here you can see (Wi-Fi) off

ON (Wi-Fi)

and than type password


Wi-Fi (ON)

Obtaining IP address..

Connection established

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