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How to change Screen Resolution in Windows 10 

How to Change Screen Resolution in Windows 10

It is very important to have the correct screen resolution settings on your Windows computer as it facilitates a better display of content and the clarity of images. Higher is the resolution, sharper are the images and contents on your computer. While, Windows, however, has its own set default scaling settings and colors for each display in your computer, which is usually the best for your system, you can always adjust it according to your own preferences.

Right-click your mouse and go to Display Settings, and click on it.

The following panel will open. Here you can adjust the size of text, apps, and other items and also change the orientation. To change the resolution settings, scroll down this window and click on Advanced Display Settings.

1440 X 900 is the recommended screen resolution for my PC. It may be different for you.

However, you may want to modify if you want the items in your PC to appear larger. Please note that lower is the resolution, larger is the content displayed on your screen. From the available options in the drop-down menu, select the one you want and click Apply.

And click on apply

If it is not the optimal setting for your system, you will see an Optimal Resolution Notification

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