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How to Disable the Lock Screen in Windows 10

Disable The  Lock Screen in Windows 10

We can disable Windows 10 Lock Screen in Two Methods

Note: Disabling Lock Screen may cause PC sync settings and privacy so please be careful to disable lock Screen

Method 1: Using Group Policy

Open Group Policy by typing “Edit Group Policy” in the windows search

Another window will pop up titled Local Group Policy Editor

In the Group Policy Window go to Computer configuration

>administrative Templates>Control panel

And then click on Personalization

In Personalization, you can see there is an option “Do not display the lock screen” and the middle pane you can see its description when you select that option

Double click on “Do not display the lock screen”

In this windows Tick on Enabled option and click apply and ok

Now close the Group Policy and reboot your PC you will no longer see the lock screen

Method 2: Using Registry Editor

Some Windows 10 users are unable to access Group Policy so they can disable Lock Screen using Registry Editor

Open Registry Editor from Search or RUN

In Registry Editor go to HKEY-LOCAL-MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Policies/Microsoft/Windows

In Windows Create a New Key by Right-Clicking on Windows New>Key

And name it “personalization” without quotations

Select Personalization Key Create a DWORD by right click on empty space New> DWORD (32-bit) value

Give it a name “NoLockScreen” to the DWORD without quotations

Double click on it and give the value “1”

This will Disable Windows Lock Screen Exit from Registry Editor and reboot your PC

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