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Instructions to Open an Email With an EML Attachment on a Mac Computer

How to Open an Email With an EML Attachment on a Mac Computer

EML records are email messages that were no doubt spared in Microsoft Outlook, or another kind of email board programming. There are a lot of Windows applications that can open an EML document, yet very few Mac OS or Linux. Fortunately, one of the non-Windows programs that can open an EML record is Apple’s own one of a kind Mail, which comes pre-introduced in Mac OS X. Mail is fundamentally the Mac form of Outlook, so it’s an undeniable answer for opening an EML connection.

Stage 1

Download the attachment and save it to your desktop.

Stage 2

Right-click on the attachment, then hover your mouse over “Open With…”

Stage 3

Snap-on “Mail” from the rundown of utilizations. In the event that Mail doesn’t show up in the rundown, click on “Other…” Locate Mail in the “Applications” organizer, click on it, at that point click “Open.”

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