The most effective method to calculate the centroid of a polygon in ArcGIS:

How to calculate the centroid of a polygon in ArcGIS

A. Using Geometry Calculation

B. Using Geoprocessing Tools

A. Using  Geometry Calculation

1. Make an X field and Y field on your trait table. Ensure the field type can hold decimal spots, here we are utilizing serve as a field type.

2. Right Click the X field and snap the Calculate Geometry.

3. Then Select the “X coordinate of Centroid” and your desired units.

4. Repeat the procedure from 2 to 3 for the Y field. Ensure you select “Y Coordinate of Centroid”

5. Export the table to your nearby drive and add to the Table content.

6. Say “Yes” to add to the Table of Contents.

7. Right snap the additional table and select “Show X and Y data” Coordinates.

8. By default, it will take X and Y fields. On the off chance that you have named it in an unexpected way, at that point you appropriate field.

9. Press Ok to plot the directions. It is an occasion document, you can send out it as a shape record or highlight class for permanency.

B. Using Geoprocessing Tools

1. Find the device called the “Feature to Point” using the Search box on ArcGIS 10.x. Or on the other hand, it is situated under “Information Management Tools”.

2. Open the tool, at that point select your polygon” under the “Information Feature”. Allocate the way for your document and ensure you select the “Within” alternative. At that point press Ok which will make a centroid point.

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