Download Android Studio 3.4 With these New Features

Download Android Studio 3.4 With these New Features

Download Android Studio 3.4 With these New Features

Android Studio has been an essential IDE for Android developers far and wide. The transition from Eclipse happened slowly but surely. Google has been including as many features as possible be expected under the circumstances to improve the experience. Fortunately, they have as of late chose to settle and work on cleaning the current arrangement features. Project Marble aims to improve the steadiness and unwavering quality of Android Studio. In spite of the fact that the most current form of the advancement stage incorporates two or three new features, the spotlight is unmistakably determined to crushing whatever number bugs as could reasonably be expected.

This year 2020 would be a year for refining the Android telephones. Android application advancement keeps on multiplying. Frequently, associations locate an extraordinary structure language, which works and sticks with it for a year or for two or three years. Android Studio 3.4 is available now in a secure channel.

Google transported the adaptation 3.4 that proceeds with the Project Marble work of the association, to make central leader versatile advancement includes that are cleaned and unshakable. Android application advancement administrations oblige satisfying the necessities of organizations incorporating Android application solutions for their work processes.

With each New Project Wizard User Interface, it’s constantly improved with each new update. Look at these new features.

The New Features of Android 3.4

The New Features of Android 3.4

1. Resource Manager feature.

Almost all the applications incorporate a type of symbols or different sorts of graphical substance. More often than not they are incorporated inside the bundle, alongside the real code of the application. Asset Manager, another instrument in Android Studio 3.4 is expecting to help you with bettering sort out drawable. It lets you import and manages the graphic resources and what’s even more intriguing, you would now be able to drag and drop any file from the Resource Manager to the application format. You can empower the Resource Manager by going to View > Tool Windows > Resource Manager.

A new tool used to picture hues, designs, and drawables over an application venture in a view that is synthesized. Besides representation, the board offers support for importing the drag and drop bulk asset, and by demand the conversion of SVG into VectorDrawable. The quickening agents ideally could help in overseeing resources from a planning group, or essentially help have a venture resources’ view that is increasingly composed.


2. Layout Editor Properties feature.

This one is more of an aesthetic change than a utilitarian one. Android Studio 3.4 presents a refreshed Layout Editor, which currently holds each alternative under one window for a better route. It likewise accompanies another shading picker and independently featured errors and warnings.

One pane that has collapsible properties’ segments. Blunders and alerts moreover have their shading picker, own shading feature, and asset restricting control for every single property.


3. Import Intentions feature.

During the development of the application, the engineers regularly use libraries like Jetpack or Firebase. During the code-composing process, it’s anything but difficult to neglect to import all the libraries required and add the conditions to the Gradle record. This may cause a ton of blunders and, much more regularly, disarray. Beginning Android Studio 3.4, the IDE will presently disclose to you each time you neglect to import the library. Jetpack’s modularized nature causes it to pick just the necessary arrangement of libraries, in this way adding an insignificant load to the application’s code.

Discover the regular classes of Firebases and Jetpack libraries, and do proposals through code aims, add a library reliance to a Gradle project, and import the statement required. Streamlining could be efficient in light of the fact that it keeps you in the code context.

Android Studio could locate the base libraries set of the necessary careful library to utilize the new Jetpack class on the grounds that Jetpack libraries are modularized.

android studio 3 4 import intentions

4. Project Structure Dialog.

If you have ever developed up an Android application, at that point I’m certain you’d concur that managing Gradle and its conditions are an agony. Google is at long last contribution an answer, as Android Studio 3.4 incorporates another Project Structure Dialog (PSD). It is essentially a UI for overseeing Gradle project files and dependencies. It additionally encourages you to present new factors and improve your code by perusing the recommendations. You can open the PSD by going to File > Project Structure or essentially squeezing Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S.

A UI front end for dealing with the Gradle project files. Another venture structure exchange empowering one to see just as include conditions at a module level into a project.

Moreover, the new PSD features proposals and manufacturing factors to support the design of the fabricate file, etc. You need not upgrade the Gradle plugin version number to benefit by the new feature.

android studio 3 4 project structure dialog

5. R8 replacing Proguard.

Replacing Proguard. It’s a code contracting that limits the APK size by evacuating unused assets and code and making the genuine code occupy less room too. R8, as opposed to Proguard, is a desugaring, contracting, and design activities blend in one stage considered a progressively viable Android application approach.

R8 is the code shrinker default for new activities that created with the 3.4 Android Studio adaptation, just as for ventures that use an Android 3.4 Gradle plugin as and/or higher.

6. Android Q Beta Emulator System Image and Android Emulator Skin updates.

The Google Pixel 3 XL and Google Pixel 3 gadget skins were discharged inside Android Studio 3.4. What’s more, alongside the discharge, the Android Q Beta emulator framework pictures could be downloaded. Google suggests that Android Studio’s Canary Version is utilized for testing an Android Q application, and furthermore an emulator with the most recent changes in similarity during the Android Q Beta program.

7. Update of the IntelliJ platform.

IntelliJ 2018.3.4 is remembered for Android Studio 3.4. The update has a greater cluster of help improvements for multi-line tasks to a pursuit wherever highlight that is updated.

Different changes in Android 3.4 incorporate build up execution and upgraded fabricate speed.

Escalating Android adoption

Today, Android isn’t just used for creating applications for cell phones, it’s additionally for other associated devices, including TV, smartwatches, and even vehicles. moreover, the skill of Android mobile application development providers boosted the performance and quality of Android cell phones. Contrasted with more seasoned cell phones, applications for Android are improving in execution consistently.

The Android-based smart devices and telephone advertise patterns, along with the raising selection of versatile applications work in a positive manner for Android application development’s future.

Employment Possibilities

Experienced developers of Android procure serious salary and compensation from various associations that are into Android application advancement administrations. The simplicity of vigorous Android application improvement, just as transferring it on Google Play could start an extraordinary salary for Android application engineers. Besides, there are likewise many outsourcing and low maintenance open doors for Android engineers, in this way making it a lifelong alternative with boundless potential.

These days, the center is towards making more brilliant Google, just as outfitting Artificial Intelligence in all perspectives and variables, from cell phones to self-driving vehicles. The AI-centered methodology of Google currently is developing the scope of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for application advancement. As of now, Google has made a stride towards this heading through presenting ‘Cuts’ and ‘Activities’ at Google I/P, empowering applications to coordinate on the gadget straightforwardly with Assistant.

Creating applications for Android attempts the following jump with AR/VR amalgamation with Artificial Intelligence through a presentation of cutting edge in vivid specialists, for example, VPS or Visual Positioning Services. This is among the most current Augmented Reality tech copying and recognizing the visual highlights in the environmental factors of a user.

The Bright Future of Android Development

The Android market space is booming, and various associations are thinking of the most recent Android cell phones and contraptions rendition, which moreover is making the advancement very well known. Consequently, there are a few factors that lead to the prominence of the operating system.

Each and every day, Android is developing by a wide margin. Nowadays, it’s one of the main versatile stages everywhere throughout the world. For designers, presently is an incredible opportunity to get the opportunity to arrive at the objective market.

Android assumes control over the world’s innovation. It holds an absolute piece of the overall industry of 85 percent. Organizations hoping to put resources into the portable application world ought to genuinely think about the operating system.


Android is structured in a manner that enables device manufacturers and developers to change programming plans in agreement to their necessities and prerequisites. When considering incorporating Android applications in your image, recruiting the best application advancement supplier is basic.

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