What is the difference between GPS and GIS?

Difference Between GIS and GPS

Difference Between GIS and GPS

Most people are conversant with GPS since innovation essentially helps in finding and finding focuses on the globe. This is so because it has become much easier with the introduction of smartphones in the market today. However, GIS is the thing that the vast majority are not completely mindful of and how it tends to be useful. This article clarifies the differences between the two.


GPS is an acronym for Global Positioning System. This is one of the numerous ways that are utilized to pinpoint an accurate area on the world’s surface. This is made conceivable by a huge system of satellites that are situated in space and which transfer data on the ground in regards to explicit organizes on the world’s surface. The satellites work so that they hand-off radio signs from space to GPS recipients on the ground utilizing a procedure alluded to as trilateration. Explicit areas on earth can likewise be found using a tremendous system of a few satellites and collectors consolidated.

The GPS innovation was created for use by the US military during the 1960s however it has ended up being a progressive development that characterizes the manner in which individuals live every day. Today, GPS innovation is utilized in pretty much every feature of the day by day lives. It has been used in the aviation industry (airplane, drones), tourism, and even mapping. One of the most common applications of GPS is in mapping and surveying.

Applications of GPS

GPS technology can be used in the following areas:

1. Locating positions: This is the most widely recognized utilization of GPS. This applies to circumstances where you might be venturing out to an obscure goal and you have to discover your way around. GPS will assist you in finding each zone inside the area and will even provide the best routes to use to get there.

2. Getting access to emergency roadside support: In case you find yourself stranded in an unknown location and need emergency help, you can simply call an emergency number from your Smartphone and emergency services will automatically locate you without you sharing your location.

3. Preventing car and other automobile theft: Cars are fitted with GPS trackers to assist keep with following the specific area of your vehicle consistently so that regardless of whether the vehicle is taken you will have the option to follow it.

4. Mapping and surveying: Using GPS innovation to study positions and areas on the earth isn’t just less expensive yet, in addition, spares a great deal of time. You can without much of stretch pinpoint areas on a guide or interstate.


GIS, on the other hand, is an acronym for Geographical Information System and is most normally mixed up to mean a similar thing as GPS. GIS is a PC program that is intended to catch, break down, decipher, and store information that has been transmitted from route frameworks, for example, GPS and make the data accessible for use. The main simple GIS framework was planned in 1960 to be utilized in Canada and a work area form of it was made in 1986 to be utilized by PC end clients. GIS can be utilized to make or create a guide that would then be able to be deciphered to show examples, for example, the development of individuals starting with one spot then onto the next, the spread of a specific malady, etc. As it were, GIS makes the data from GPS increasingly reasonable to such an extent that without GIS, GPS would not be manipulated and utilized to its maximum.

Applications of GIS

1. Data mapping: GIS is used to provide visual representations of data. Very nearly 80 percent of the information got has some spatial component in it and GIS assists with envisioning the information so as to bode well out of it.

2. Proximity analysis: GIS is used to show the connection between two unique areas and the vicinity of two locations on a map.

3. Location analysis: Data collected and analyzed by the GIS system is used to decide the best area of another retail outlet or another football that contributes connection to other football fields.

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