How to Make Your Own Logo in CorelDRAW

There are various interesting points when you need to make your own logo, for example, Use of shading, typefaces used, and even an overall shape or format of the logo. We need something that will be conspicuous and have intense hues. Our logo is for a land organization named, Homes available to be purchased. How about we begin.

1. Make a new Document

We will begin with another document and in light of the fact that we are making a logo, now, the page size isn’t generally significant. It is a vector file that we are making thus it very well may be resized at whenever, to the desired size. From the New Document dialog box (File > New), set the preset objective to Default RGB. We can leave the delivery purpose at 300 and click OK.

2. Make the text elements

The primary component in this logo is the number “4”. Select the text tool from the tool compartment. Left snap on the page and type the number “4” From the Interactive Property bar, change the textual style to Arial MT Black 1000 pt. We will likewise type the content “Deal” and set it to Arial MT Black 260 pt. So as to eliminate the middle opening in the “4”, select the content with the content instrument and goto (Object>Convert to Curves or Ctrl+Q). Next, we should break it separated. (Objects>Break Curve Apart or Ctrl+K). The focal point of the “4” will be behind the bigger part. Hold the Alt key down while clicking in the middle territory of the “4”. This will burrow down and select the item behind. Erase it. When my content components are finished, I will position them.

3. Bringing in Clipart

The last advance here with our logo is to import the clipart picture that we need to use. This clipart picture is from the Vector Stock assortment accessible on the Get More tab in CorelDRAW.

4. Using Spot hues

Commonly when you make a logo, it ought to be finished using spot hues. A spot shading is a unique premixed ink that is used rather than, or notwithstanding, measure inks. use a spot shading when a couple of hues are required and shading precision is significant. In this logo, we are using PANTONE 108C and PANTONE Black 6C. To change a shading from RGB or CMYK to a spot shading, with the item chose, double tap on the fill pattern in the Status bar. In the Edit, Fill dialog click on the Palettes tab and afterward select the Palette drop-down rundown and find Pantone Solid coated. This will consequently change the chose object to a spot fill. Rehash this cycle for different objects.

Since the logo that you have made is a vector, it tends to be resized to whatever size you like, whether it is for a business card, a brochure or a large sign on a storefront.

Thanks for watching! We hope you found this tutorial helpful and we would love to hear your feedback in the Comments section below. And show us what you’ve learned by sharing your photos and creative projects with us.


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