According to a survey, workers are embracing AI but want more instruction on how to use it.

Workers are embracing AI but want more guidance on how to use it, says survey
Workers are embracing AI but want more guidance on how to use it, says survey

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According to a new study by work management platform Asana, despite the fact that 36% of UK and US employees use artificial intelligence at work on a weekly basis, less than 25% of businesses offer any advice to their staff on how they should be utilizing the technology.

Since the release of generative AI tools to the general public, the use cases for this technology have rapidly expanded, with the majority of workers utilizing the technology to automate processes and lessen so-called busy labor. According to the report, 25% of employees presently use AI for administrative tasks and 30% of workers surveyed for the report use it for data analysis. With 45% of US respondents admitting they want to use AI for brainstorming, many others want to go much further. The percentage in the UK is 32%.

In order to better evaluate how prevalent AI technologies have grown in the workplace, Asana’s Work Innovation Lab surveyed 4,546 knowledge employees in the US and the UK in July 2023. None of the respondents to the survey were Asana clients or staff.
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In remarks provided accompanying the research, Asana’s CIO Saket Srivastava stated that “AI’s role in our workplaces is entering a new phase.” Our analysis demonstrates that more workers are adopting AI at work and realizing its potential to save time and enable them to concentrate on more strategic duties.

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The advantages of AI in the workplace are being embraced by more than just workers: 61% of executives feel that AI will help their organizations achieve their goals more successfully than current approaches, while 55% of executives surveyed stated they utilize AI for goal formulation. Therefore, 51% of CEOs said they would be prepared to pay extra for office supplies if they were AI-powered.

Nevertheless, despite the widespread belief among those surveyed that AI will bring a number of benefits to the workplace, employees worry that they’ll be perceived negatively for using the technology, with 26% of workers fearing they’ll be seen as lazy for using it and 20% admitting they feel like a fraud for using it.

With 48% of workers demanding more guidance from their employers on how to use AI, firms must start taking responsibility for implementing policy, direction, and training as governments struggle with how to regulate AI. Only 24% of workers questioned today claimed to have received any kind of instructions for using AI at work. While only 13% of UK businesses offer training to their employees, 23% of US businesses do so.

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In the long run, this may affect a company’s capacity to hire since 39% of respondents said that a lack of AI training influences their decisions to join a company and 59% said they evaluate transparency regarding the usage of AI when joining a new company.
Employees cannot traverse this AI change alone, Srivastava said. “There are significant impediments, with some employees harboring fears about how their usage of AI could be regarded by peers and bosses.

He said that organizations that get this right will use AI in a way that unlocks new levels of human inventiveness. “They need clear guidelines to understand AI’s role in their functions, along with tailored training and accessible technologies to fully harness AI’s capabilities,” he said.

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