What is an Amazon FBA Business?

I am sure you have heard of Amazon. It is the largest online retailer in the USA, UK and much of Europe. A household name. But what you might not know is that when you purchase something from Amazon, there is a very good chance that you are buying from a third party seller using a service called Amazon FBA.

FBA stands for ‘fulfillment by Amazon’. What it implies is that Amazon takes care of the entirety of the vender’s stock. At the point when a client puts in a request, it by-passes the merchant by and large and goes directly to the FBA distribution center. Amazon at that point selects the request and conveys it to the customer.
Amazon FBA also handles most of the customer service. They process all client returns and just the most explicit questions get sent on to the vender.

To the customer, there is basically no distinction between buying from Amazon straightforwardly and from an individual selling their things on Amazon through Amazon FBA. They get the same delivery options, the same returns policy, and the same customer service, team.

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