Prevent Your PC from Making Random USB Noises

Prevent Your PC from Making Random USB Noises
Prevent Your PC from Making Random USB Noises

Stop Your PC from Making Random USB Noises

We’re all acquainted with the Connect/Disconnect noise Windows makes when you connect and disconnect USB gadgets. In any case, things get a little creepy when you hear the random USB noises for reasons unknown. You’re simply dealing with your computer when abruptly and mysteriously, the USB noises go haywire for a couple of moments, interfacing and reconnecting, while you wonder what demons possessed your computer.

Here are a few hints that can help you with exorcizing these phantom USB noises.

Using Device Manager

This is the quick and-simple strategy (however not as robust as the tool referenced later). If it accomplishes work, at that point it’ll save you the problem of third-party software.

At the point when you begin hearing the USB noises, rapidly click the Start button, type device manager, and hit Enter.

This grounds you in the Device Manager window. Drag the lower part of the window down to cause it as tall as could be expected under the circumstances, at that point to growing the choices for all the things joined to your USB ports (keyboard, mice and other pointing gadgets, Bluetooth, human interface gadgets, etc). With all the vital gadget records extended, watch out for it and check whether anything continues vanishing and returning from the rundowns as your PC makes the sounds.

If you manage to spot the misbehaving gadget, right-click it (you may have to go to “View – > Show hidden devices” first if it continues vanishing since it’s disconnecting), at that point click “Update Driver Software.” If that fizzles, it could merit uninstalling it (right-click the gadget – > Uninstall), at that point reinserting it into your PC so it can reinstall itself.

On the other hand, if you need to do a total reinstall of all your USB controllers, in Device Manager click the bolt close to “Universal Serial Bus controllers” to grow it, at that point right-click all the choices that have “Host Controller” in them and uninstall them.

Reboot your PC, and your USB controllers will reinstall on your PC consequently.

Even if everything seems to be working fine, a new Windows update could bring about driver issues once more. If the random USB noises began after a Windows update, refreshing the driver or uninstalling and reinstalling is typically the best choice.


If the random USB noises are too unpredictable to track in Device Manager, or if the clamor has halted when you get to Device Manager, at that point, it’s an ideal opportunity to evaluate this incredible little tool.

USBDeview, from the excellent Nirsoft, tracks your USB gadgets all the more precisely – seeing whether they’re associated when their drivers were made, and in particular, the last time they were connected or out of your PC.

Whenever you’ve introduced USBDeview, open it to see a rundown of all your USB gadgets (by default it shows all of them – associated or not).

In a perfect world, you should open it not long after hearing the strange USB noises since when you click the “Last Plug/Unplug Date” segment, the guilty party gadget (for example the latest gadget to have been plugged/unplugged from your PC) will show up at the top.

You can then uninstall the gadget straightforwardly through USBDeview by right-clicking it and clicking “Uninstall Selected Devices.” After that, unplug your gadget, plug it back in, and ideally, it’ll reinstall without frequenting you with perpetual connect/disconnect sounds.

Turnn Off USB Notification Sounds

More often than not these irritating USB jingles are certainly not an indication of anything serious and may simply be flitting driver conflicts or passes in the gadget’s capacity that won’t have any impact on your real use of them. If the gadget responsible for the sounds seems to be working fine but keeps on making commotions after you reinstalled it, at that point as opposed to supplanting it, you can simply turn off the notification sounds for USB gadgets.

To do this, right-click the speaker symbol in the notifications menu at the furthest right of the taskbar, click Sounds, at that point look down in the “Program Events” rundown to “Gadget Connect.” Click it, at that point in the Sounds drop-down menu where it says “Windows Hardware Insert,” look over right to the top and select “(None).”

Do something very similar for “Device Disconnect” and enjoy the sound of quiet!

Attempt a New USB Port

Sometimes random USB noises could be an indication of a weak USB port or a faltering gadget. For example, a damaged USB drive may connect and reconnect randomly. Likewise, realize whether disconnecting a USB drive while it’s being used can harm it. In the event that a port is coming up short, the issue will happen regardless of what gadget your plugin.

Preclude the port by connecting different gadgets to check whether the difficult proceeds. If not, the port is likely fine.

Test individual gadgets by connecting them to other USB ports. If the random USB noises proceed, it’s either the gadget or the driver. If possible, try your device on another PC to further test if it’s the device failing.

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