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Step by step instructions to View XBRL

How to View XBRL

XBRL is another way to say “extensible business detailing language” and it is a piece of the group of extensible markup dialects (XML). The XBRL language enables you to impart budgetary information such that spares both time and expenses, as indicated by XBRL documents come in two record types: XBRL cases and XBRL scientific classifications. XBRL cases end with .xml , and XBRL scientific classifications end with .xsd. You can see these records with the open-source program, Dragon View.


Go to


Download the Dragon View XBRL Viewer.


Unzip Dragon View.


Open Dragon View.


Click “File,” feature “Open” and afterward click either “XBRL Taxonomy” or “XBRL Instance Document.”


Find and snap the XBRL document you need to view and click “Open.”

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