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Step by step instructions to Find the Properties Command in Windows Explorer

How to Find the Properties Command in Windows Explorer

In Microsoft Windows operating systems (such as Windows 7, Vista, XP and 2000) a Properties discourse box is accessible for all files and folders. In this Properties exchange box, clients have various alternatives, including adaptable settings for record sharing, security, and characteristics. (Record traits are settings, for example, read-just, covered up, encoded and packed.) In Windows Explorer (the implicit Windows route framework) the Properties direction for any document is made effectively open through two distinct methods.


Open Windows Explorer. This should be possible by opening any folder on your desktop or Start menu (for instance, the My Documents envelope).


Right-click on the desired file or folder. Alternatively, open the File menu located in the menu bar.


Select “Properties” from the setting menu. The record properties will be shown on-screen.

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