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Step by step instructions to Convert Png Files to Docx File

How to Convert Png Files to Docx File

A.PNG (Portable Network Graphic) record is a high-goals picture document that packs more viably than other picture document types and supports picture straightforwardness. A.DOCX document is a Microsoft Word 2007 or later content record that can likewise contain pictures. Changing over a.PNG document into a.DOCX requires only a couple of steps in Microsoft Word.


Open Microsoft Word 2007 and create a new blank document.


Click the “Insert” tab.


Click the “Image” button.


Select the *.PNG picture you need to change over and click “Insert.”


Click the “Save” button in the upper-left corner. Name your new *.DOCX archive, pick a spare area that you can without much

of a stretch discover later, and click “Spare.”

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