How to Restore Your Android Phone Settings From a Backup

How to Restore Your Android Phone Settings From a Backup
How to Restore Your Android Phone Settings From a Backup

How to Restore Your Android Phone Settings From a Backup

Android’s backup and restore function haven’t got an incredible history When it comes to clearness and consolation. Yes, there’s Google Backup, yet what it does precisely is rarely that unmistakable. Furthermore, what would you be able to do on the head of it to guarantee that you can restore your Android settings, applications, and data at whatever point you need them?

Here we’re going to disclose to you how to restore your Android data from backups, whether you’re moving over to another phone or restoring data to the one you as of now have.

First we’ll be showig how to restore data using Google Backup, yet this expects you to switch another phone.

Set Up Google Backup

The most fundamental thing you have to do is empower Google Backup, which spares certain key information to your Google account and lets you restore it when you move over to another phone. This isn’t the main or essentially best backup strategy we’ll be covering here, yet is a decent foundation to have, and backs up the accompanying:

• Wi-Fi passwords

• Clock data, alarm clocks and so on.

• Call data

• Contacts

• Device Settings

• Some, however not all, third-party app data

To switch Google Backup on, go to “Settings – > Backup and reset” and set “Back up my data” to On, ensuring that the Backup account is the equivalent Gmail account that you’ll be setting up another phone with.

You likewise need to turn on the “automatic restore” slider, which will guarantee that, where conceivable, applications that you restore will return with all your data and settings intact.

Since Android Marshmallow, certain phones can benefit from an extra element of Google Backup to likewise restore certain outsider applications with all their data intact.

To check whether you can do this, go to the Google Drive application on your phone, tap the cheeseburger menu at the upper left – > Settings, at that point under “Backup and reset” you should see “Manage backup”, which you can tap to see which third-party apps are being backed up with their data.

Anything you find in this rundown will be spared in Google Backup, and you’ll be welcome to reinstall these applications when setting up your record on another phone.

How to Restore Android Settings and Apps with Google Backup

So you’ve backed up the entirety of your data and you need to restore it on another phone. It’s pretty only an instance of marking into your new phone with your Google account, and following to the guidelines.

Marking into your Google account will automatically sync calender events, contacts, Wi-Fi passwords and its remainder, yet you’ll likewise be offered to choose a gadget to “Restore applications” from.

Select your old phone, at that point continue until the cycle is finished.

Restore Android Apps Without Switching Phone

If you need to keep a backup of applications that you can restore at whatever point you need on your phone, at that point the best application for you is Helium Backup (non-rooted users) or Titanium Backup (rooted users).

These applications let you make full backups of your Android applications (including system applications), which you would then be able to restore as and when you need them, which is significantly more adaptable than the Google technique.

Note that while Helium Backup can backups and restore SMS data, call logs, and Dictionary settings, Titanium can backup and restore pretty much anything on account of having full root access.


Those are your smartest choices for backing up and restoring your Android settings and data, however, it merits recollecting that numerous applications have their own reinforcement and restore settings that you can manually use.

Clearly, it would be more advantageous if Google Backup let you restore your applications outside of the underlying arrangement measure, however at any rate the third-party have your back!

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