Google’s Android Messages Could Let You Text From Your Computer

Google's Android Messages Could Let You Text From Your Computer

Google’s Android Messages Could Let You Text From Your Computer

Google has its own messaging applications, for example, Hangouts, Voice, Allo, and Android Messages, yet at the same time, it lingers behind when contrasted with its rivals, for example, Facebook’s errand person, Apple’s iMessage, and Whatsapp. So Google is wanting to give a makeover to its default SMS application “Android Messages” on its Pixel and Nexus gadgets by including some advanced highlights.

The new update might enable the users to pair their mobile with the PC and text straightforwardly from a program like Chrome, Safari and Firefox similarly as you can do with Whatsapp and Allo. In an ongoing update to the Android Messaging application, a concealed code was found showing that Google is preparing to discharge the electronic assistance of the application. Like WhatsApp Web, this element may expect clients to go the site and output a QR code and get associated with your telephone to send messages. Android Police uncovered that the code is fit for supporting different PCs and various programs. This component seems, by all accounts, to be in part actualized in the Android Messages 2.9 APK however you can’t send a genuine book yet. It may bolster programs, for example, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Internet Explorer.

Google also plans to update the application by informing over Wi-Fi and furthermore seeing the informing status (composing, conveyed, read, etc.,). The APK indicates that the application will be able to send and get installments through Google Pay. There are signs that Android Messages will have “Google Enhanced Messaging” similar to Smart Replies for Gmail and Allo.

Right now, the project is codenamed as “Ditto” however formally the title is required to be “Messages for Web”.

As per Android Police, “There’s another form of Android Messages turning out for the telephones. Up until this point, we haven’t seen any huge changes to the UI, however, colossal things are occurring under the surface.”

The report included, ” User will be guided to visit a site on the PC they need to combine with the telephone, at that point essentially check a QR code. They will have the option to send and get messages in the web interface and it will connect with the gadget to do the real SMS/MMS/RCS correspondence through their system transporter.”

Google needs to make official declarations on the usage of these new highlights in the up and coming variant of Android Messages.

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