How to Enable the Hidden Screen Recorder in Android 10

How to Enable the Hidden Screen Recorder in Android 10
How to Enable the Hidden Screen Recorder in Android 10

Enable hidden screen recorder android: For some obscure explanation, Google chose by and by to avoid an inherent screen recorder for Android 10. In fact, it was a component in the beta adaptation, but it vanished for the last delivery – generally. While it’s not self-evident, you can enable the hidden screen record in Android 10 and avoid having to download a third-party application.

Why Enable the Hidden Screen Recorder in Android 10

With such a large number of applications accessible, why experience all the difficulty? The appropriate response is straightforward – security. Most applications gather your information as you record. While there’s no assurance that Google won’t store some data, in any event, you don’t need to impart your information to another company, as well.

Plus, why not simply utilize what’s as of now incorporated with your telephone? In the event that you have a Samsung or LG gadget, the component may as of now exist without busy. On the off chance that you have Android 10, swipe down to grow the Quick Settings menu. Search for the Screen Recorder tile, which might be on any of the Quick Settings pages, so swipe to see extra pages. You can generally move it to the main page on the off chance that you use it often.

Tap the tile to enable screen recording. For different telephones, it takes somewhat more work, however, it’s genuinely basic, and you don’t need to download one more application.

Enable USB Debugging

The initial step to enabling the hidden screen recorder in Android 10 is to empower USB debugging. This is important in light of the fact that you’ll later associate your Android gadget to your computer.

Start by opening Settings and tapping “About Phone.” Quickly tap the “Build Number” seven times. If you have a lock screen password, enter it when incited. Else, you’ll see a message saying you’re currently an engineer. This does is open up the designer devices on your gadget.

Next, return into Settings and tap System. Select Advanced and “Developer Options.”

Ensure Develop choices are turned on. At that point, turn on “USB debugging.”

Confirm you wish to enable USB debugging.

Install the Android SDK Platform

Android has a large set of developer tools, but for enabling the concealed screen recorder in Android 10, you just need the ADB partition. For littler activities like this, all you need is the much smaller Android SDK Platform. You can download the most recent variant for your working framework legitimately from Google’s Android Developers Tools. Unzip or extract the files once downloaded.


Open the “platform_tools” folder. The steps may vary slightly from here, as using Windows to execute the commands. Type cmd in the file path box and hit Enter.

This opens a command prompt within the platform_tools index, sparing you a couple of steps.

Connect your telephone to your PC with a USB link. At that point, type adb gadgets and hit Enter. This rundown your appended gadgets and checks your connection.

At that point, type or reorder the accompanying and hit Enter:

adb shell settings put global settings_screenrecord_long_press true

This should include the hidden screen recorder in Android 10 to your Power menu.

Trying out the Screen Recorder

Press your gadget’s Power button and long-press Screenshot.

Pick your settings.

Finally, agree the warning.

Press “Start now” to begin recording. Swipe down to open your notice board to pause or stop recording.

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