Computer Tips and Tricks You Must Know

Computer Tips and Tricks

Those of us who use a computer each and every day may think we realize all the computer tips and deceives there are to make our work in a keen and instinctive manner.

It appears you can show an old windows new deceives in light of the fact that this computerized world has endless tips and deceives that even the most capable PC clients don’t understand they can be used consistently.

We need to share a few hints, hacks and mysteries to keep you occupied for quite a while including finding the shrouded work area envelope, naturally opening windows voyager anyplace, accelerating taskbar thumbnail, driving client to act the manner in which you might want and significantly more.

So look at these tips to take full points of interest in your PC. It may conceivable that you definitely know a portion of the recorded computer tips and deceives however trust me you will escape the case

Chapter by chapter list

  • 1. Change Windows 10 Password Without Knowing Old Password
  • 2. BlockWebsite
  • 3. Lock and Unlock Computer Using Pen Drive
  • 4. Redirect Website
  • 5. Increment Internet Speed By Combining Two Networks
  • 6. Make Undeletable Folder
  • 7. Rename Multiple File At Same Time
  • 8. Limit All Programs
  • 9. Rename A File/Folder Quickly
  • 10. Turn Your Computer Screen
  • 11. Increment Startup Speed Of Your PC
  • 12. Obscure Way To Copy and Paste File
  • 13. Shutdown Computer Using Command Prompt
  • 14. Move From One Active Window To Another
  • 15. Know Details Of Your Internet Connection
  • 16. Incapacitate Recent Document History
  • 17. Add Checkbox To All Folders
  • 18. Use Browser As Text Editor
  • 19. Bounce To The Address Bar In Web Browser
  • 20. Revive Closed Tab In Web Brower
  1. Change Windows 10 Password Without Knowing Old Password

You can change the windows 10 secret word without knowing the old secret phrase.

  • Right-click on Computer and click-on Manage alternative.
  • Expand the Local Users and Groups and select the Users alternative.
  • Right-click on a client whose secret word you need to change and tap on Set Password.
  • Enter the new secret phrase and click on the Ok button.
  1. Block Website

Presently you can undoubtedly obstruct any site on your PC without utilizing outsider programming.

  • Open Run windows (Win + R) and type: %windir%\system32\drivers\etc
  • Double click on hosts record and open with Notepad
  • If you need to square YouTube or Facebook then type these lines: and
  • Now YouTube won’t open in your browser.
  • If you need to unblock this site at that point essentially expel this line from the host’s document.
  1. Lock and Unlock Computer Using Pen Drive

Move your pen head toward a security key, pursue these means.

  • Download and introduce the Predator USB programming structure it’s an authentic site.
  • Run programming and set another secret phrase. (Ensure your pen drive is associated with pc).
  • Open predator settings and set the read and compose interim time as indicated by your prerequisites.
  • When you evacuate pen drive it will request that you enter a secret phrase with notice message.
  • In the case in the event that you enter a wrong secret word, the PC screen shows access denied message.
  1. Divert Website

On the off chance that you need to divert sites to some particular site, at that point pursue these means. For instance, I need to divert Google to Facebook.

  • First, open cmd and type “tracert” to discover the IP address of Google.
  • Open host record (from the second stunt) and type facebook IP with the Facebook address.
  • That’s it you will divert to the Facebook on the off chance that you attempt to open Google.
  1. Increment Internet Speed By Combining Two Networks

In the event that you have two web associations (for instance a USB dongle and Ethernet association) at that point, you can join both systems and appreciate extra benefits.

  • Open Run Windows (Win + R) and type “ncpa.cpl”.
  • Select the two system driver, right-click on it and select the Bridge Connections alternative.
  • That’s it you will have an extra speed of the two associations.
  1. Make Undeletable Folder
  • Open command prompt and type name of the drive you wish to make an envelope. For instance “D:”.
  • Now type this direction “md con\” without statements and press enter catch.
  • That’s it undeletable envelope will be made.
  • If you need to erase this envelope, on the other hand, open cmd and type “rd con\”.
  1. Rename Multiple File At Same Time

First, select all records and rename the primary document of the rundown. That is everything document name will be changed to a similar name with various numbers toward the part of the bargain.

  1. Limit All Programs

Basically press Windows Key + D to limit every opened program. On the off chance that you again press Windows Key + D, it will boost programs once more. You can likewise limit all projects utilizing Windows Key + M however you can’t amplify them back.

  1. Rename A File/Folder Quickly

As we as a whole know the greater part of individuals rename record by right click on it and choosing rename. You can rapidly rename the record by choosing and squeezing the F2 button from the keyboard.

  1. Rotate Your Computer Screen

This essentially deceives will knock your socks off. You just need to hold CTRL + ALT + Arrow key to rotate your screen.

  1. Increase Startup Speed Of Your PC

When you turn on your pc bunches of projects consequently start running and it will expand the heap time of framework. To expand the startup speed you have to handicap a portion of the projects.

Quest for MSConfig from the inquiry bar and select the startup tab. Presently select and impair undesirable projects.

  1. Obscure Way To Copy and Paste File

A large portion of the individuals are utilizing CTRL + C and CTRL + V button to reorder the document. Yet, you can likewise do it by holding control key select record and drag it where you need to paste.

  1. Shutdown Computer Using Command Prompt

Truly you hear right, you can undoubtedly shutdown PC utilizing direction briefly.

Open command prompt type “shutdown – s” and hit the enter button.

That is it your framework will be naturally shut down.

  1. Move From One Active Window To Another

In the event that you are a multitasker, at that point, this stunt is particularly for you. Press ATL + TAB catch to demonstrate every single dynamic window and by keep squeezing tab catch you can change starting with one window then onto the next.

  1. Know Details Of Your Internet Connection

Open command prompt and type “ipconfig/all ” and hit enter to know subtleties of your web association like DNS server IP address, etc.

  1. Impair Recent Document History
  • Open Run (Win + R) and type Regedit to open the registry editor.
  • Go to “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer”.
  • Right-click and make another No Recent History File by choosing the DWORD (32-piece) Value alternative.
  • Set information incentive to 1 and select Hexadecimal choice.
  • Once done restart you are computer to take impacts.
  1. Add Checkbox To All Folders

To add a checkbox to all organizers take a gander at the highest point of the envelope and snap-on view choice. Select the thing check alternative and you are finished. The checkbox will show up when you move the cursor to the document or organizer.

  1. Use Browser As Text Editor

copy and paste below code into your internet browser and press the enter button to activate a notebook.

data:text/html, <title>Text Editor</title><body contenteditable Reddit style=”font-size:2rem;font-family:georgia;line-height:1.4;maxwidth: 60rem;margin:0 auto;padding:4rem;”>

  1. Bounce To The Address Bar In Web Browser

There are such a large number of approaches to do this and F6 is one of them. In any case, you can likewise utilize ALT + D to do likewise.

  1. Revive Closed Tab In Web Brower

In the event that you close a significant tab accidentally, at that point don’t stress just press the CTRL + SHIFT + T button to revive them.

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