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How to Print Documents from Your Android Phone

How to Print Documents from Your Android Phone
How to Print Documents from Your Android Phone

How to Print Documents from Your Android Phone: You can straightforwardly print any document from your Android phone without saving the document or moving it to a computer.

There are three different ways of taking such printouts: 1) using a company plugin application available in Play Store, 2) using a third-party cloud printing application, and 3) associating your Android phone to a printer-enabled computer over a USB cable.

Note: If you have a more current Wi-Fi or Wi-Fi direct printer, you may use any of these techniques, ideally the initial two. On the off chance that you have a more established wired printer which can’t associate with wireless networks, the last strategy is best.

Note: For printing from your iPhone or iPad, follow the steps here.

1. Connecting Your Physical Printer with Its Android Plugin App

Contingent upon your printer image, you should look for its authority module application at the Play Store. For this example, we will use the HP Print Service plugin which is shown below.

You can undoubtedly discover the company plugins for Canon, Samsung, Xerox, Brother, Lexmark, and different printers. The syncing steps will be different.

If using the HP Print service plugin, introduce the application, go to “Settings” and select “Discovery.”

For a Wi-Fi direct printer, enable Wi-Fi directly to consequently match up your printer with the application. Something else, go to “Manage added printers.”

Include a printer a Wi-Fi network as shown below. Snap “directly to the printer” In case a printer has already been added.

Prior to continuing to the following stage, you should realize your printer’s IP address. There are in excess of a couple of approaches to acquire it.

• If you have a new printer with a noticeable menu show, use the physical arrow keys to explore to its IP address from a “Network status” option.

• Open the command prompt on a PC and enter netstat – r to find all gadgets (counting printers) which interface with its Wi-Fi network.

The third step is appeared here for a printer associated with a Windows computer.

You have to ensure your printer has been enabled for network sharing. In Windows 10, go to “Printer properties” and snap “Change Sharing Options.” Once done, return to the application and include the IP address. Give the printer a name of your choice.

If both your phone and the printer are on a similar Wi-Fi organization, they will adjust. You would now be able to use the application to take printouts legitimately from your Android phone.

2. using a Third-Party Cloud-Printing App

If your printer doesn’t have an authority module in the Play Store, you can use a third-party cloud-printing application, for example, Cloud Printer.

Subsequent to installing the application, the cloud printer will access to your Google account.

To add the printer to the application, go to “Settings” and enter its IP address acquired in the previous section.

You can likewise use Google cloud printing to take printouts of Google Drive, Google Photos, and different services.

3. Connecting Your Android Phone to a Printer-Enabled Computer Using USB Cable

If you have an older printer that doesn’t associate in remote mode, you can interface your Android phone to a printer-enabled computer using a USB cable.

On a Windows 10 PC, go to the Start menu and search for “Bluetooth and other devices.” The Android phone ought to be obvious here.

Ensure the Android phone is obvious on your computer.

Download PrintHand Mobile Print application and go to “Manage Printers – > Print Setup Wizard.”

For picking the desired printer, use the alternative “Connected to a computer.”

In the next step, pick your operating system: macOS, Windows, or Linux. As appeared in the main area, sharing has to be enabled for the computer associated printer.

When the printer is set up, return to your Android phone. Open the PDF, picture file, or some other document. Snap the three-dot menu on your phone which has the “Print” setting. Select the shared PC printer, and take any printouts legitimately from the phone.

Please feel free to give your comment if you face any difficulty here.

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